Monday, August 27, 2012

Please Welcome...

Kinley Paige!!
Born July 23, 2012
6lb, 8oz
19 1/2 in.
Perfect in Every Way!!

We had newborn pictures taken by Kristen with Son Kissed Photography. She was amazing and I love the pictures we have and can't wait for the rest. Check her out if you need pictures taken of your family or little ones!

So, I have to make this a quick post, I still can't believe precious Kinley is here, she's 5 weeks old and Mike and I have loved every minute of it. Yes, there have been some rough days, some tears-from her and myself, sleep deprivation...but when I see this face, my heart melts, and I just can't believe how blessed we are and all those bad things area set aside. There have been more smiles, cuddles, oooing and awwing, rocking, baby voices, and so much more!

As Kinley and I get more use to a 'schedule' I hope that I can make time to write more posts and share pictures. I had a wonderful delivery experience that I hope to share soon.

I have also been taking weekly pictures of Kinley to create a photo book on her 1st birthday. Remember how I was asking about Baby Books...well, I got one all ready, super cute...and have I put a darn thing in it...NOPE! :) Oh's so much more fun to cuddle and ooo and aww than to pull it out. I have tried, though to write down a few things in my planner or on her weekly picture to remind myself for the future.

So for  now, I will leave you with our first Family Picture of Three!!
God made a lot of wonderful things, this, though, I think is his greatest!