Friday, December 30, 2011

Holy Moly!

Wow, so it's been just a bit since the last time I had blog post...I wonder if I still have some readers.  Well if I do, there's been a lot that we have been up too and I promise to try to get to all of it eventually!  Firstly, I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and are getting excited about ringing in the new year. We have plans to go to a friends house to celebrate.  We (Mike and Derek) looked into going to some bars, I wasn't ever really a fan of that idea, but was going with the flow, but it just seemed like such a headache and eventually Dustin and Rachel said they'd have people over...WooHoo!

So just a slight recap on some things going on in our lives:
-if you don't remember, I got to go to St. Louis for a conference, which I took pictures at and am still working on
-again, if you don't remember, Mike's parents took us to Italy in October, which was the most incredible trip ever, and I am still working on pictures from there too
-OSU had another fabulous Homecoming celebration and a win over the Baylor Bears
-I co-hosted a surprise Sip'N'See for a dear friend and her new bundle of joy
-We experienced our first Oklahoma! I thought it felt so cool!  We had friends over to watch the OSU/K-State game and all just hanging out after the game and then all of a sudden a friend asked me if I was doing laundry...umm, no...then we all started to feel the house shake.  It seemed to last forever.  A while later there was a second one, I think they measured them around 5.6-6! 
-The OSU family and womens basketball lost four members in an airplane crash
-OSU then lost the first (and hopefully only) game of the season against Iowa State
-I found out I was pregnant with two positive pregnancy test that same night, so the loss didn't really effect me
-Rick and Mel (Mike's parents) came in for Thanksgiving
-We had a fabulous Thanksgiving celebration with my family and then later that evening with Mike's family.
-Joanna and I kicked some major butt in Hand and Foot
-OSU kicked some OU butt and became Big 12 Champs!
-I decided to burn my hand
-Had Girls Christmas Dinner
-Took pictures of Amy and her wonderful family...still working on those pictures...are we seeing a trend here or what?!
-Rick and Mel in town for Christmas
-I've been pretty tired lately
-Julie and Luke in town too
-Missed Christmas Eve with my family to be with the kiddos as work for a party thrown by a wonderful and generous family
-Had everyone over for Christmas Day Brunch
-Celebrated more Christmas at Grandparent Evans place
-Back to work, but thankfully only half days this week
-Heard a the most wonderful and beautiful sound ever
-Jo and I lose majorly in Hand and Foot
-Sarah (Mike's cousin) came to visit
-It feels like Spring here in Oklahoma with temps in the 60's!!
-The house is still a complete and utter disaster from Christmas morning, possibly even hazardous, due to the festive red and green mold on the left over food we haven't thrown out--yes I am very embarrassed about this, but hopefully it will get my butt into gear to clean up!!
-And here we are today!

Pictures and more to come soon!  If I don't make it back by 2012 have a safe and glorious New Year!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank a Veteran Today


VALOR: val·or noun \ˈva-lər\: strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness : personal bravery

Thank you to all the men and women who have served to protect our Amazing country.  And a huge thank you also to all the families of our servicemen and women. 

Remember to thank a veteran today and say a prayer for those who are continuing to fight for our freedom.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Derek + Kacy Engagements

Derek is Mike's Best Friend from way way long ago...yes they are old :)...and he is gettin' hitched!  We went out a couple of Sunday's ago, the weather was perfect and the fall colors popped!  Now, I love Derek to pieces, but the only thing wrong with him is he likes the other school.  Kacy on the other hand, his sweet and super fun fiance, knows the right colors to wear! 
Derek and Kacy, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this special time.  I had so much and wish you all so much love and many memories!
Here are some of my favorites from their session.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

OSU Homecoming Part 2

More from Homecoming!  So just a little back ground for all you who don't know about The Greatest Homecoming in the Nation.  It truly is a campus wide project to create the greatest homecoming!  Fraternities and Sororities, Campus Life, Residential Halls, Clubs, Alumni....they all make it happen.  When I was a young 'lassie' I was apart of the Greek Life portion of Homecoming....and to be honest, I wasn't a fan.  I always loved the outcome of what we created, but hated having to actually do it.  So, I am glad I haven't had to pomp in many years. 
Greek Life creates these amazing House Decks.  They pomp chicken wire with tissue.  It is AMAZING the detail that can be created with wire and tissue.  Now when I was in school the chicken wire was just plain ol' 2-3 finger big.  We also had SOME 'Micro Pomping', where the chicken wire is just a pencil/pinky finger big.  The Kappa Sigmas decided they would start doing their whole deck as a Micro-Pomping deck.  And since then everyone followed suit and now every house deck is done with Micro Pomping and I don't think there is such thing as 'normal' pomping.
So, they work on these, pretty much starting the first or second month of school starting.  Then on the Thursday night before Walk-Arounds, they all stay up ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  Really!  You get to watch the sun go down, the sun come up, and usually the sun go down again around this time.  This was my favorite night.  We would go walking around, there were great people who offered free hot-chocolate and snacks.  It always seemed to be the coldest night of the year on All-Night Pomp.
Then Friday, judging begins on everything.  Along with the house decks, there are Sign Competitions, Chili Cook-Off, Football Frenzy, Harvest Carnival, Street Painting, a Parade, and so much more. Then they announce the winners at the game. 
So all this hard work is what creates the Greatest Homecoming in the Nation.  If you've never been, I suggest you try to make it out one year. I love OSU!

The Pi Phi's and AGR's got second in House Decks! 
 While we were there, we stopped by our ol' stomping grounds, the good ol' Pi Beta!  We couldn't find "Arrow" our Tandem Bicycle, but we did find our brick-Julie, Amber, and I-best friends!  I love them dearly and am so thankful for their friendship. We looked around the  house and checked out all the composites again and reminisced great memories.
 Isn't this great?!  It is a flag from 1929!!  The Pi Phi House started at OSU in 1919.  This was donated by a generous Alumna.  She also donated her Pi Phi Jacket too!  So cool!
 Color it ORANGE...Theta Pond with Orange Lights all around.
 And the Library with Orange Lights too!

So there ya have it.  One of my favorite parts about Oklahoma State!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beat the Bears!

Greatest Homecoming in the Nation!!

So, yes, I'm back from my most wonderful trip to ITALY.  Still trying to catch up on sleep. I finally transferred my pictures to the computer, so I hope to start working on those this weekend.  IT. WAS. AMAZING!  Even though I would love to still be there, I am happy to say that I glad to be back to normal toilets and being able to enjoy watching some OSU Football!  More on my trip later!

Oklahoma State University!  I Love my Cowboys.  Yesterday, some girlfriends and I headed up to Stillwater to enjoy all the wonderful House Decks for Homecoming and of course some O-State Shopping!  My arm is about to wave right off with all the waving wheat I've done while watching the Cowboys beat some Baylor Bears Bootie!  I'm irritated with Blogger right now...I have some more pictures that I tried downloading but it's not really working out for me, so maybe later this evening I will be able to get the rest on here. 
This years theme is Where Your Story Began.  The Greek Life did, again, an amazing job at all the House Decks.  Enjoy!
Library ORANGE Fountain!

My Favorite Sign I saw from all the Sign Comptitions! 

So I started downloading in the 3rd Quarter and we are now 45 seconds left in the game.  OSU 59 Baylor 24.  Another great Poke Win!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Four More Days until we leave!!!

Getting ready for our trip!! I still can't believe we are leaving on Friday for our trip to ITALY!!  I got all my laundry done the weekend, and hope I don't have to do anymore before we leave.  Here are a few things I will be taking with me...

New Kicks, that I found at Marshall's for $30!

A New purse from Kenneth Cole...also a Marshall's find for $30. Fun thing is I might be able to use it as a camera make-shift bag too!

And I am a Follower now of Toms.  Several friends had recommended them, so I will try them out.  I wore them today to help break them in and they were comfy.  I don't know if I'll be able to spend an all day Italy walking day in them, but we shall see.  Two things though, even if they don't work out for Italy, I know they will definitely be great for work, and I love the fact that some child will be receiving a pair of Toms with my purchase!  I love giving!

My lens I rented will be here Thursday!  Woo Hoo!!

I got an electrical adaptor.

Got a couple of new shirts for me and for Mike.

I need to get copies of our Passports to put in our luggage.

Thankfully, our first bag is FREE!  But if it goes over 50lbs, it's a whopping $175!  The second bag is $70.  So, our plan is to pack our 1 bag, in hopes of not going over the limit, but take a smaller suitcase as a carry-on to be able to put things in if we are over the limit and to bring back anything we just have to have from Italy. 

Need to call the bank and credit card companies to let them know that we are gonna be half way around the world. 

Need to finish cleaning, did a lot this weekend, but it will be so nice to come home to a clean home and fresh sheets!

I have also succumbed to

I'm still really new and finding my way around, but it's been fun to see so many ideas. 
You can follow my boards here
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I found a couple of books, I may be able to use a Kindle from a friend from work, but if not, I still love my hard copy!

I feel like there is so much to do still, and we are running out of time.  But we are so excited, words can't explain it!

By the way, if I am packing you in my bag, please be at my place Thursday night!

Any last minute travel advice send it our way!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Get Carried Away!

At the Tulsa State Fair!!
It's been a while since I've been to the fair...possibly 10 years...the last time I remember, Casey and I did the Freefall 'ride' which was so much Fun!  So this year, Dad, Casey, and I headed out to the fairgrounds to check it out.  We went on a Thursday, and surprisingly, I don't really recall any 'typical carnies'.  Everyone looked pretty normal for the most strike out on the people second favorite part of the fair. 
My favorite part is the FOOD!!  I had a gigantic corn dog, a funnel cake...which I wasn't completely satisfied with, some delish spud spirals and I think that was it for me.  Dad had a Rubin that he really liked and some type of ice cream.  Casey went all out and tried the corn dog, spud spiral, two caramel apples, fried pickles-which I tried and made the eww face because they were dill pickles.  We were both able to walk away from the scrumptious chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie dough. 
We didn't ride any rides, but had a great time watching others ride them!  We walked around the Expo and Dad got a cool sign made for his hanger and we also got The X-Dream-X-Sticker Speaker.  I got the orange one.  It's pretty cool and seems to work pretty well if you don't already have can stick it just about anything and it turns the object into a speaker! We also saw all the animals, one of my favorites!
All in all, it was a fabulous time with my dad and brother!  Love you guys!

Here are some picks!
 In the Expo, we went to the Butterfly exhibit...A. Mazing!

 This little lady really like Casey and hung out on his should about the whole time we were in their.
 The Midway!