Monday, August 27, 2012

Please Welcome...

Kinley Paige!!
Born July 23, 2012
6lb, 8oz
19 1/2 in.
Perfect in Every Way!!

We had newborn pictures taken by Kristen with Son Kissed Photography. She was amazing and I love the pictures we have and can't wait for the rest. Check her out if you need pictures taken of your family or little ones!

So, I have to make this a quick post, I still can't believe precious Kinley is here, she's 5 weeks old and Mike and I have loved every minute of it. Yes, there have been some rough days, some tears-from her and myself, sleep deprivation...but when I see this face, my heart melts, and I just can't believe how blessed we are and all those bad things area set aside. There have been more smiles, cuddles, oooing and awwing, rocking, baby voices, and so much more!

As Kinley and I get more use to a 'schedule' I hope that I can make time to write more posts and share pictures. I had a wonderful delivery experience that I hope to share soon.

I have also been taking weekly pictures of Kinley to create a photo book on her 1st birthday. Remember how I was asking about Baby Books...well, I got one all ready, super cute...and have I put a darn thing in it...NOPE! :) Oh's so much more fun to cuddle and ooo and aww than to pull it out. I have tried, though to write down a few things in my planner or on her weekly picture to remind myself for the future.

So for  now, I will leave you with our first Family Picture of Three!!
God made a lot of wonderful things, this, though, I think is his greatest!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Belly Bump Updates!

So, I've been a little MIA...Little Bit is still kickin it though...I'll share more about her in a bit.
So here are my Belly Bump Updates...I don't think I'll have time to answer all my questions I've been answering in the past weeks, so we will see.

July 13th
38 Weeks
I think this is my favorite of all my week pics...

July 18th
39 Weeks
I'm not a huge fan of either of these pictures or my swollen face :) 

Today July 22nd!
One day before D-Day!!
We went for Sunday Brunch with Mike's family at Waterfront Grill, and it was very tasty...I had WAY to many carbs for my blood sugar levels...oh well!

A little about what's going on...we go in this evening to the hospital at 7:00. They will be a cream on my cervix to thin it out (which apparently helps if they have to induce me)...then we wait. Hopefully and prayerfully, I go into labor on my own, but if not, tomorrow morning 6 or 7 I would guess, Dr. Cox will break my water and start the Induce medicine and then sometime tomorrow, we will meet our precious little girl!! I'm so excited!!
Thankfully Mike is feeling better, we went to Urgent Care yesterday morning and he was able to get some antibiotics and cough med...he feels much better!  Praise Jesus and thanks for all the prayers for him too!
I've still been feeling just fine for being about ready to explode. I wake up with Shrek Feet about every morning now. Just about all of me is starting to swell...which I won't complain too much, because I know it will all be worth it.
My last day of work was Friday, which I am so excited about!  I know it's not a break, and I will be working in differnt terms when we come home from the hosptial...but I am very thankful to have a break from that work for a while. For the most part, the kiddos were very sweet and we excited for me to have my baby.
Rick and Mel flew in last night, they will be staying with us for while to help out. Which I am very thankful for. Not sure how long Mike will be able to take off of work, so it will be nice for Mel and my mom to come over and help...and whoever else!
Mom has been over the past two days and a few days in the past couple of weeks to help me clean and get the house all in order...she is a crazy cleaning woman!! And I am so thankful for that. She has cleaned things, I didn't even know you cleaned!! Or how to clean for that matter!
I finally did pack my bag last weekend, just in case. Mike still needs to get his stuff together tonight.
No, we still haven't picked a name yet. We will be choosing one once she gets here...good thing is she has to leave the hospital with a no more procrastinating for Mike!

Alright, well, I'm gonna go get some more things done before we leave for the hospital. Next time I post, I will be a Mommy!!

Mike and I 
 Belly shot
Aunt Jo! 
The Evans 
The Excited to-be-Great-Grandparents! 


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Italy Part 7

Italy Part 7
On this day we had a tour of the Ufizzi Gallery.  Not one of my favorite parts of the trip. If you are interested in history and art, then this is the place for you. I, myself, am not interested in it, so it was pretty boring to me. I feel bad that I do not appreciate everything that was in the museum. Our tour guide, was very knowledgable and patient. Mike, Jo, and I sat for a lot of the tour and partly listened with our headphones. I couldn't take a lot of pictures in this museum, because there were monitors all over the place.
Now, the coolest part about this tour was we got to go down a 'secret' hallway that took us though all sorts of art and portraits. Only our group got to go...well, I'm sure other groups get to go too, but if you are just touring the museum on your own, your don't get to see this amazing hallway. It takes you across the river and then drops you off in the Piti Palace area. The secret hallway had portriats we got to see that are worth over one million dollars!!!! I don't remember how much they said this entire hallway is worth. It was incredible though!

The Market
 I forget what Elisabeth mentioned about this hog in the previous tour, but it's kinda like a wishing fountain, I think you put the coin in it's mouth...something like that.

 The Ufizzi Gallery
 Setting up for a concert later that night

 The one who defeated Madusa...for get what his name was...

 While walking across the river on the Ufizzi tour
 There was a church service going on that we could see too from the bridge.
 Piti Palace
 More Penis...

 Piti Palace
 Walking back from our tour across the 'Gold' Bridge

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fourth of July Fireworks!

Happy 4th of July!! (A little late)

Forth of July is me and my family's favorite holiday. Growing up, we were a pyromaniac family. Loved fireworks and blowing things up. Over the years, I've done less blowing things and fireworks up, but still love me some fireworks. Since we moved into our house, we've had people over for the celebration. So it didn't change this year, even though, I was secretly wishing LB would be a firecracker baby.
I made Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork which I just love! Super easy, makes a lot, everyone usually likes it, and is sooo good!! Mike got the horseshoe pit up and running and of course they also had beer pong going. Our neighbors had some great fireworks and we enjoyed our selves all evening.
It was even better because I didn't have to go to work the following day, so I was okay with staying up late. :) Here are some firework pictures from that night!

Little Bit! 37 Weeks!!

So, I kinda slacked last week and didn't get the post up when I wanted. This was me at 37 weeks, but now, I'm almost 38! So there is about a week and a half to two week time frame in this post!

How far along: 37 Weeks, and 5 days to be clear :), Praise Jesus, the end is in sight!
According to What to Expect, we have a WATERMELON, about 19-22 inches and 6.5 pounds
I feel like I have a watermelon in my belly too!!

What I've Learned from What to Expect: She's shedding that filmy stuff off her body, she's probably swallowed some amniotic fluid...yummy! Her lungs continue to mature--which is really one of the big reasons, why I am okay with her staying as long as she needs too!  But secretly, I want her to come whenever!
Total weight gain/loss: 13 pounds.... up two more this week! I think its the swelling in my Shrek Feet!! and my lips...lots of people have asked me about my lips, so funny!  I did take pictures of my Shrek Feet and sent them to a friend a couple days ago...I don't know how to get pictures from my phone to the blog though, so I have nothing to show you now.
Stretch marks: Yep, Mike confirmed that there are some hiding under the belly that I couldn't see.
Sleep: Last week all good, Monday and Tuesday of this week, awful!! I think it had to do with my eating schedule though, I had eaten late both those nights, and probably eaten too much, so it was miserable trying to sleep. Otherwise, sleeping like a baby until the Babe gets here :)
Best moments this week: Having a couple days off work, getting off work early, ultrasounds at the doctors, 4th of July Fireworks and Celebration with friends, Going to see Ted--was really hoping it was going to promote labor, but it didn't. Taking naps, Mike has been more than usual super sweet lately, I think he can tell, I'm starting to feel very blah, did get her baby book semi-put-together still have some work to do.
Getting an official Induce Date!! If she doesn't make her debut sooner, her eviction notice is for
July 23!!! 
SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! We were told we'd go in the night of the 22nd if I'm not progressing at all and they would give me something to 'start me up', but if I have progressed some (dilating/effaced) then I will just go in the morning of the 23rd.
Miss Anything: Being able to feel my finger tips, my ankles, Wine---oh when I smell it, I can almost taste it now, I can't wait to have a nice glass of our Italy Wine when we get home!
Movement: Yep, still a little machine
Food cravings: sweet stuff
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Cleaning Mike's Shower (I shower in the guest bathroom, because it is a tub and feels bigger to me, than the standing shower in our master bath). That was the first time, I really felt like throwing up!! It was disgusting!!
Labor Signs: So sad, last time, I had so many 'Labor Signs', it was all a tease I guess! I haven't had anything since last week!  Maybe one BH my thought about her coming soon, is no longer...I really do hope she comes on her own before we induce, but now I'm thinking she will take her sweet time...she knows how awfully hot it is outside!
I may have lost a teninsy bit more of my plug, but it was so little, I'm not really thinking that's what it was.
I still have some feelings that she is starting to 'crown', like when I get up from sitting on the couch. But nothing like last time.
Belly Button in or out: Stretchie!!
Most Ridiculous thing I've Cried about or gotten Upset about: Oh, I got really upset with Mike sometime last week...I don't remember now what it was, nothing that was worth getting upset over, or at least as upset as I got :) but I cried about that for a while. I will randomly just feel like crying for no reason, some songs make me cry, and some tv shows will make me cry. Driving to and from work, I let my mind wander and then I start thinking all the 'what ifs' and I start crying from that. 
Gestational Diabetes Update: Managing Well. Getting sick of it though! Sometimes, I just really don't want to care! I'd be an awful Lifetime Diabetic, I think I'd just throw the towel in and say give me a pump. So, for all my friends  who do have diabetes, I am very proud of you for making good choices to manage it.
Pregnancy Symptom: Feeling like a 90 year old woman with Arthritis!! It sucks!
Dr. told me I probably have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...I started having tingling in my middle fingertip, I assumed it had to do with the daily pricking. But then it continued to get worse and then my index and ring fingertips went tingly, and my middle one went numb...Numb as in I feel I could rip my fingernail off and I wouldn't feel it. So, Dr. Cox recommended I get a wrist brace and it may help, I got one last night, I don't really see how it will make it better, but we will try it out.
Getting more anxious and excited about the big day.
Super tired. Glad work has been slow so I can come home early for is taking my PTO, but oh well!
My groin still is sore
My belly is so big, that it is getting harder and harder to wipe after the bathroom and I've been bumping it into things a lot lately!! Sticking more out there and it gets in the way!
Nesting and wanting to nest!
Feeling like I have arthritis all over my body.
Back Pain.
Shrek Feet. or Mike would say he's going to start calling me Sasquatch...he really just noticed how swollen they get today.
Wedding rings on or off: Off, glad I didn't get a temporary replacement, because I feel my fingers have swollen even more!  Not to the point of Shrek fingers yet, but I may get there!
Happy or Moody most of the time: TIRED! Able to take more naps, resting, and keeping my feet up. Moody earlier in the week, Happier later in the week.

Looking forward to: The big day, whenever that may be. Picking a name. Packing my bags---nope still haven't done that. I did have friends let me know that newborn clothes will be fine for the diaper bag, so I cleared out all the other size clothes. Enjoying my time with her once she gets here.
And Anything Else: Nothing, I can really think of.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Freezer Meals!

Freezer Meals!!
Wow, what a concept! I just hope they are as great as they sound. I had been Pinning several meals and such on Pintrest and came across Freezer Crock Pot Meals awhile back. I pinned them and then never did anything with them. Well, Mike isn't the most creative in the kitchen, so when I went back through and saw these, I just knew I had to make them before Little Bit gets here and then Mike can easily make me and him some dinner! It was a bit tideous, but I turned on my Pandora and grabbed a stool to sit on and started chopping away. All in all, it probably took me 2-3 hours from the time I got in the ktichen to the time I had cleaned up and was outta the kitchen. Which doesn't seem too bad for the 10 meals I was able to prepare! (That doesn't include grocery shopping time)
Yesterday, I had the day off, so I tried to get some things taken care of including the meals. I picked up a little, though it doesn't really look like it now, showered-that's becoming something I don't really enjoy--In 107 degree weather, it's like you can't get the water cool enough without turning it off! Plus, showers can be so overrated...isn't that right Melanie :) And I know there were a couple more things, I did, but I've already forgotten.
Mom and I had gone to Sam's and got the meat there and then I went to Reasor's and got the rest of my stuff there. I probably spent about $150 for all the meals, which includes these 10, and a few more I didn't get to yesterday because it required actually cooking the meat first. So I may do that tonight or tomorrow after work.
With the 10 I did prepare, I wrote out all the ingredients on the zip lock and the cooking instrutctions in Sharpie...make sure you don't put the Sharpie side of the baggie down on your countertops as I had nice little blue stains, thankfully they came off pretty easy! One pinner said they just chopped everything and then put things in their bag. For me, it was easier to get my baggies and chop what I needed for those bags and then set aside.
I did all the veggies first, then I added any sauces, spices, whatever else, then I added the meats. It worked out quite nice.
So these are the meals I prepared...
1. Honey Glaze Chicken (1 Bag)
2. Apple Dump Chicken (1 Bag)
3. Teriyaki Chicken (2 Bags)
4. BBQ Chicken (2 Bags)
5. Goulash (2 Bags)
6. Sausage and Peppers (2 Bags)

I really hope they turn out well, I guess even if they aren't the tastiest, it will still put food on the table.

So, here's what it looked like, I just kept everything out on the island and picked what I needed. This is everything minus the meats I used.

Here they are packaged and ready to be frozen.

And to their freezer home they go for the next few months.
Isn't that awesome??!! I am really excited to be so prepared.

Another thing I've been working on is cleaning...Those of you that know me, know that I really suck at it!  My good friend Amber would get "The Box" when we lived together in college, when I'd get too messy. Mike is a clean-freak...not so much on the everything has to be disinfected/scrubbed/dusted, clean-freak, he just wants everything to have it's place and be there. Me not so much. If it finds itself on the floor by the couch, that's good with me. I can go to bed with a messy room or things not put away and wake up with no problems.  I will say, I think I have rubbed off on Mike, a little. But now with Little Bit coming and the nesting really starting to set in, I've wanted things more picked up and clean lately. Once, I'm back on my feet after delivery, I get to spend up to 12 weeks at home with her and I am so excited. But I know I will need to have things picked up, so I am tyring to start a new lifestyle change for myself.
Again, with the help of Pinterst, I found some weekly cleaning chores. So far, I've only done one and a half days of it...not making that lifestyle change too quickly, am I? :) The big thing that all these different chores list have is that you don't have to do EVERYTHING all in one day. It's like they do a room/area for each day, then it's not suppose to be so overwhelming. So the Chore list that I like the most is this one.

take out trash
wipe down stove & countertop
pick up & put away
wipe bathroom sinks & mirrors
make bed (though this will never happen unless I am washing the sheets or we are haivng people over)
vacuum as needed

30 minutes
clean baseboards
wipe down walls, doors, cabinets
organize/clean out cabinets, refridgerator, & pantry
clean oven & microwave
dust ledges & blinds
clear cobwebs
wash windows

30 minutes
clean baseboards
wipe down walls, doors, etc
vacuum funiture
clean ceiling fan
wash windows and blinds

30 minutes
dust furniture
wipe down walls, doors
clean baseboards
change sheets & towels
clean ceiling fan
hang up/put away clothes
clean toilet/shower/tub/vanity
organize/clean out vanity

30 minutes
dust furniture
wipe down walls, doors
clean baseboards
change sheets & towels
clean ceiling fan
hang up/put away clothes
clean toilet/tub/vanity
organize/clean out vanity

30 minutes
dust furniture
wipe down walls, doors
clean baseboards
change sheets
clean ceiling fan
hang up/put away clothes & toys


Now, I have to be honest...I guess I hadn't really fully read ALL that was on that list, because it originally calls for Thursday being for the KIDS BATH and Friday for the GUEST BATH, so I feel I gained a little time in there.
There are definitely some kinks that I'd have to work out, but I really think this is a good start for me. When I did the Kitchen, it took way more than 30 minutes, so I don't know if they think doing all that only takes 30 minutes or if you're suppose to do a little of it each week.

Well there ya have it, my freezer meals and lifestyle change to cleaning...
Remember me mentioning Mike and I had our 5 year anniversary...and remember we went to Missouri a month or so ago to celebrate that and Babymoon.  So we didn't get each other anything. But I had this printed out on the ottoman (not where it was suppose to be) and Mike was picking up and he wanted to know where it went. I told him it needs to stay out so I will start doing it, so then he looked to see what it was, and I swear he was like a 5 year old on Christmas morning!  He was so excited that I had a plan to keep the house clean!  So Happy Anniversary to him!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

36 Weeks! Full Term!

How far along: 36 Weeks!!!! Full Term!!!

According to What to Expect, we have a WATERMELON, about 19-22 inches and 6.5 pounds
I feel like I have a watermelon in my belly too!!
I have less than 4 weeks now and it could be even less!! She could be here anytime and that is just craziness to me!

What I've Learned from What to Expect: She is just practicing everything while she's hanging out...simulating breathing, sucking her thumb, blinking, moving. She also gaining more fat around her cute little arms and legs which will give her sweet little dimples!!

Total weight gain/loss: 11 pounds.... up two this week! I think its the swelling in my Shrek Feet!!

Stretch marks: Not that I've seen, but I there is a lot of area that I can't really see anymore.

Sleep: Good this week! Yay! Potty Breaks about every two hours.

Best moments this week: Let's see, Getting the afternoon off today (I'll also have tomorrow off and Thursday afternoon off!  Great week for me!) Getting to check things off my list. Going shopping with Grandma---sometimes she just can't help herself. Making the Cookie Dough for Preggers, which I give a 9 outta 10 on normal cookie mom asked me how the actual cookies were and she just didn't get that I made it just for the cookie dough. Feeling closer and closer to D-Day! Mike and I celebrated 5 years of marriage!

Miss Anything: Wine, I smell it and it is one of my favorite smells!! Breathing normal, being able to walk normal, ya know all those just normal things that I apparently just took for granted before being pregger :)
Movement: Umm, Yes! All the Time!! I love it...if I had to choose a favorite feeling, it would definitely be feeling my little girl move all around in my belly!!
Last night, she was moving all around after I got in bed. And if I had to describe how I feel my belly would look by her movements, it would be a Chipmonks cheeks that are full! She was stretching all sorts of out to the sides and I swear that's what it would have looked like!
Food cravings: Fruits, Dr. Pepper
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Same thing as last week...I always forget about this one, I know there are things that I've seen on TV or heard about that make me feel sick to my stomach. Nothing has actually made me get sick, THANKFULLY...but yes there are random things I see or smell that just give me the willies!

Labor Signs: Oh my good gracious, I really think she could possibly make her debut in the next couple of weeks!! I had friends that 'felt' thier little one would come early or late and I had no idea why they thought that, I can now it may just be wishful thinking also with the AWESOME 100+ weather we are having from here on out!  But anyway, if you continue to read this part, you may find yourself a little grossed out, these are possible labor signs, so just so you are prepared if you don't want to be shocked :)
Crazy amount of BH contractions, to the point that I made sure to start monitoring them because I thought I was having so many...I am having more, but they are still very inconsistant and thankfully not painful
I'm 99% sure I lost some of my (Get ready) mucus plug!  I didn't even know about this until we went to the class, but there was definiately something gross a few days ago, going to the bathroom and I will spare you the details, but since I didn't know for sure, I decided to google it. I was so shocked at all the disgusting people that lost thiers and thought, "Hey, I'm gonna take a picture of this and post it online!" Now with as much disgust I had, I was also so thankful because mine looked a lot like some of the pictures that were posted.
Last night, I really felt like she was just going to fall right out of me, several times, I was squeezing to make sure she stayed in. There was a little pelvic pain but mostly just pressure...some may say this is 'dropping' or 'lightening'.
I'm more and more tired than ever. Thankfully I've been able to take naps or sleep in on the weekends.
I still have those groin kinda pains, which I had friends say that had that too, so not too worried about it.
My belly is so big, that it is getting harder and harder to wipe after the bathroom.
Nesting and wanting to nest!
Feeling like I have arthritis all over my body.
Back Pain.
Shrek Feet

Belly Button in or out: Stretchie!!

Most Ridiculous thing I've Cried about or gotten Upset about: There was something I cried about earlier, but I don't remember what it was about...something silly though!

Gestational Diabetes Update: Managing Well. I don't think any high numbers this week. I really thought today I would have a high one after lunch, because I had a crousaint sandwich and then a strawberry smoothie. But it was low!
Pregnancy Symptom: Refer to Labor Signs...Round Ligament Pains in the side of my stomach if I move a certain way too fast--usually happens when I try to turn over in bed or getting out of bed. Getting more anxious and excited about the big day.

Wedding rings on or off: Off :( I was going to get a temporary ring, that I could then use as a right hand ring, but think I will just wait, because I feel that I keep swelling more and more, especially with the heat. So I'll just look like the 16 and pregnant, unwed momma...Funny story about the whole 16 and pregnant thing, I don't feel I look like I'm 16, but it seems alot of others do...we had taken our kids on an outing sometime ago to the arcade and Ruth was telling the guy we needed tokens for 5 (5 kids) and then the guy recounted and counted me and said 6?

Happy or Moody most of the time: TIRED! Able to take more naps, resting, and keeping my feet up. But otherwise, pretty happy this week!

Looking forward to: The big day, whenever that may be. Picking a name. Packing my bags---I did get the diaper bag packed, which I know I packed too much...but, it's so hard because, if we do go to due date, Little Bit could be 8-9 pounds---that's probably 0-3 month or 3 month clothes, if we go earlier, she could be less, which she could probably then fit into I packed a couple of things for each size. Enjoying my time with her once she gets here.

And Anything Else: Not a whole lot for this...I think I mentioned all that earlier. Trying to stay inside and cool.  Mom and I went to Sam's today and they had an above ground HUGE pool for only $329! I've never had an above ground pool so don't know much about maintenace, but that seems like a fabulous idea to me! I'll have to talk to Mike about it and we have 4th of July coming up and how fun would that be to have people over and get in the pool too!!

We go back to the doctor on Thursday, where I will be tested for Group B Strep--or something along those lines. I don't know if she will measure LB or not again, but she will also check my cervex and all that fun stuff. So exctied!!