Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nations service. I remember growing up always going to the lake for a nice long weekend of sun and fun with my family. I don't go to the lake much anymore but still enjoy my 3-day weekend, but with much more appreciation now. These pictures are taken from the 2008 Memorial Service at Floral Haven in Tulsa, OK. There are many veterans that come to rest here and Floral Haven hosted an amazing service. I loved all the American Flags they at every grave site of a veteran. My Pa, along with many others, had a flag raised in his memory that year. Please remember those you have fought for you and me so we may enjoy this long weekend.

Have a great and Safe Weekend!!
Oh, I do have to say that these pictures are not from 'my new best friend' but from camera that I used for years!

I love the sound of Bag Pipes!

This is my Pa's Flag that is put at his grave site every Memorial Day Weekend.

Releasing the Doves...

Alright, well this was my first post with pictures, and I didn't really get the layout that I wanted, I am still testing the waters here in Blog World. Hope you enjoyed.
Mike and I don't have major plans...digging in the flower bed maybe, enjoying time outside, going to eat with his grandparents for his Grammy's Birthday, going to a wedding Sunday afternoon, taking Monday off!
What are you doing this Memorial Day Weekend?


Anonymous said...

Kelly, I must say that I am truly impressed with your blog, the layout and especially the photography. You are one talented chick! Many hugs to you and your family.
Deidra Andis

Anonymous said...

I am spending the weekend with Jared in Augusta Georgia. Well let me put it this way I am spending some time with him when he is not locked up in his room with his wife. LOL would love to see more of Augusta then this Double Tree hotel but it is nice enough can't complain. Well maybe a little but that is only because I have not seen more of Jared. What is that saying a son is a son until he takes a wife a daughter is a daughter for the rest of your life. LOL This is a great hotel though two swimming pools hot tub, workout room, sauna, vollyball court, two resturants and a bar what more could you want. TTYL take care great blog you got goin here Kelly keep it up. Love, Neena

Cheryl Estep said...

Love that you chose these as your first pics to post on your new blog. Your Pa would be honored and proud of you, as he always was!
Love you, Mom