Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm Home!

I'm home from Alaska!!
I'm glad and sad!  It's great to be back home with Mike and my Remi and Nellie, but ALASKA was absolutlely wonderful.  I miss my friend, Julie, so much and her sweet family.  My vacation was packed full with absolute beauty and so much fun. 
I think I took almost 2000 pictures!  Now, so many of those are duplicates and even more are of sweet Jackson, who is growing like a weed!!
Aside from St. Lucia, Alaska is the most beautiful place I've ever seen!  I definately recommend that if you ever get the chance, you gotta go to Alaska.  The long plane ride with the 15 year old using the back of my seat as a punching bag and putting his smelly dirty feet and socks right above my head and through that itty-bitty spot between the chair and the window, basically in my face...was so worth it!
Once I get some pictures ready, I promise I will share them.  I'm so excited dto relive my vacation through my pictures.

A couple of things we did...
~Saw 5 Moose!  They are huge!
~Went fishing
~A Wild-Life Cruise

And so so so much more!  Can't wait to share it with you!  

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