Friday, December 30, 2011

Holy Moly!

Wow, so it's been just a bit since the last time I had blog post...I wonder if I still have some readers.  Well if I do, there's been a lot that we have been up too and I promise to try to get to all of it eventually!  Firstly, I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and are getting excited about ringing in the new year. We have plans to go to a friends house to celebrate.  We (Mike and Derek) looked into going to some bars, I wasn't ever really a fan of that idea, but was going with the flow, but it just seemed like such a headache and eventually Dustin and Rachel said they'd have people over...WooHoo!

So just a slight recap on some things going on in our lives:
-if you don't remember, I got to go to St. Louis for a conference, which I took pictures at and am still working on
-again, if you don't remember, Mike's parents took us to Italy in October, which was the most incredible trip ever, and I am still working on pictures from there too
-OSU had another fabulous Homecoming celebration and a win over the Baylor Bears
-I co-hosted a surprise Sip'N'See for a dear friend and her new bundle of joy
-We experienced our first Oklahoma! I thought it felt so cool!  We had friends over to watch the OSU/K-State game and all just hanging out after the game and then all of a sudden a friend asked me if I was doing laundry...umm, no...then we all started to feel the house shake.  It seemed to last forever.  A while later there was a second one, I think they measured them around 5.6-6! 
-The OSU family and womens basketball lost four members in an airplane crash
-OSU then lost the first (and hopefully only) game of the season against Iowa State
-I found out I was pregnant with two positive pregnancy test that same night, so the loss didn't really effect me
-Rick and Mel (Mike's parents) came in for Thanksgiving
-We had a fabulous Thanksgiving celebration with my family and then later that evening with Mike's family.
-Joanna and I kicked some major butt in Hand and Foot
-OSU kicked some OU butt and became Big 12 Champs!
-I decided to burn my hand
-Had Girls Christmas Dinner
-Took pictures of Amy and her wonderful family...still working on those pictures...are we seeing a trend here or what?!
-Rick and Mel in town for Christmas
-I've been pretty tired lately
-Julie and Luke in town too
-Missed Christmas Eve with my family to be with the kiddos as work for a party thrown by a wonderful and generous family
-Had everyone over for Christmas Day Brunch
-Celebrated more Christmas at Grandparent Evans place
-Back to work, but thankfully only half days this week
-Heard a the most wonderful and beautiful sound ever
-Jo and I lose majorly in Hand and Foot
-Sarah (Mike's cousin) came to visit
-It feels like Spring here in Oklahoma with temps in the 60's!!
-The house is still a complete and utter disaster from Christmas morning, possibly even hazardous, due to the festive red and green mold on the left over food we haven't thrown out--yes I am very embarrassed about this, but hopefully it will get my butt into gear to clean up!!
-And here we are today!

Pictures and more to come soon!  If I don't make it back by 2012 have a safe and glorious New Year!

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