Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So, if you didn't catch the great news in my last post, the great news is....
There were TWO LINES!!!
There were actually two lines about 4 times!!
So here's the story...get ready, it will probably be a little lengthy, maybe even a little too much info for some, but I think we all now know where babes come from, so I'm not too worried about it :) but we are so excited about our Little Bit! 
 I knew I had missed the first day of my period...thankfully, I'm pretty darn regular which was Tuesday (the week before Thanksgiving). I didn't say anything yet, and just patiently waited for the end of the week and still no Aunt Flo! So, Friday, Mike was watching the OSU/Iowa State football game with a buddy (and thankfully didn't cause any damage at their house) and I was watching the game at home, just hanging out. As OSU was losing their first game of the season and possible blowing the opportunity at a National Championship Game, I couldn't help but keep thinking about No Aunt Flo.
Okay, now back track a week or so...I had gone to Amy's to have pizza and wine with her and Jen and their babes. They just knew I was preggers then, but like I said I was being patient. They wanted me to take a test that night, but I wanted to make sure if we were or weren't, Mike would be the first to know.  I love my Ames and Jen, but my Mikey comes first! So Amy sent me home with a few pregnancy tests.
Okay, back to Friday evening. I was bummed about OSU losing and just not playing up to par, so I decided to take a test. I had one hiding in under the sink and also had Amy's. I did my thing and watched anxiously. Didn't have to wait too long and I had the absolute biggest smile come across my face!  There were TWO lines! Amy's also showed two lines, that's TWO Positives!! So the rest of the evening as OSU lost, I couldn't think about anything else other than our future Little Bit!
Geez, just writing this brings back, that amazing feeling of becoming a mommy!
Since I was alone, I teetered back and forth between calling Mike or not, then I knew he would be really upset about the game, and thought I might call Amy, then I had heard about someone texting a random number they were pregnant.  I didn't do any of that. I enjoyed that time for myself and our new baby. Something I am so thankful I did, to have just that time for me.

Now, Mike came home late, I was already in bed asleep, but the next morning, he was still mourning about the game and he had to work. While he was out working I went on a mission to find our little bit their first OSU gear. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to tell Mike. And honestly, I wasn't sure how he'd react. Obviously we knew what could happen and he was okay with it when we talked about it, but I didn't know exactly how he would take it when it actually happened, which it happened pretty fast! So, I left the onesie and a note in the bathroom, knowing he would immediately be showering after work. That way he also got to have his own time in enjoying our new news. Once he got it, he came to the kitchen and said, "Really?" with a huge smile, I said "yep", and his response, (which I love) "Bad ass!"
This is what I left for Mike. 

So Mike and I enjoyed our little secret for a bit. We originally thought we'd wait to go to the doctor before we told our families. Well, that went right out the window, when I called Monday morning and the sweet receptionist said, "okay, we'll see you at 10 weeks, which will be December 28th."
I was so sad!! I couldn't believe I had to wait 10 weeks before I got doctor confirmation that we really were pregnant. I guess they did better tests or something. I did mention that this was our first and would we need to come in any earlier, her reply in the sweetest voice, "Oh, Congratulations!"
So, I obviously couldn't keep in such fun and exciting news till after Christmas and Thanksgiving was this week!! Mike and I decided we would then tell them after Thanksgiving.  For me, it was so hard to talk to my family and friends. I normally talk to my mom everyday or every-other day. And I avoided her pretty much all week except on Thanksgiving. I didn't call any of my friends to chat that week. Thankfully it was a holiday week, so it didn't seem too out of the ordinary and Mike's family was in town, so we were spending lots of time with them. That was hard too, Joanna had even made a comment about me not having any wine at dinner one night. I have no idea how I was able to keep a straight face...I'd definitely be one that you'd want to play poker with!
On the Friday after Thanksgiving we were having dinner with Mike's family. I asked him how he wanted to tell them, his initial response, "I really don't want to say anything, I kinda just want everybody to just know." My lovely husband, doesn't like any kind of extra attention. So, I suggested we give  his mom her birthday gift early and we write a note on it, he was good with that. It was fun to share with all his family and celebrate.
On Saturday, we were going to tell my family. I texted mom if her and dad were home because we were going to take Remi over to play with Maggie. Which is weird, because we drop Remi off all the time without calling or anything, so she texted back yep we're here. Well, when we get there, dad was gone, I asked where he was and she said he'd gone to Casey's to help him with stuff. So we gave her the bag with this... 
On a side note, this was the first year mom and Rick (Mike's dad) and Doris (Mike's Grandma) had put a grandbaby, or two or three, on their Christmas list.
Funny story, mom first just pulled out the onesie, you know like a child who just looks at the present and doesn't look at the card, and didn't get it, she asked "who do I know that's pregnant that you want me to give this too?" I told her to read the card and she immediately got and of course did her scream that I knew she would do. She was so excited.
Mike had to run some errands, so mom and I went to Casey's to share the news and I gave the same bag to dad, and he knew immediately. Everyone was so excited and it was fun to share with Casey and Sara and Jack and Kira too.

Moving ahead, finally to 10 weeks!! Mike and I went to the doctor and we got our first ultrasound!!! SO AMAZING!!! The doc showed us Little Bit's heart beat and kicking it's feet...unfortunately, Mike and I didn't really see that, but we did see the head for sure!  Definitely felt like Rachel off of Friends! Doc said everything looked great and then she let us HEAR the heartbeat, brings tears to my eyes...the most beautiful sound I've ever heard! Here are a few pictures from Little Bit's first photography session. 
This one shows the heart beat. That really thick white dot in the last inch or so on the line is me laughing.
Little Bit's heart rate is 175.

This one shows the head. The brighter white spot is the heart and then there are also two little feet, you'll have to get creative on those, I don't really see them, but the doc said they're there :) CRL means crown-rump length and at this time Little Bit was about 1.5 inches.

Go Pokes Baby!

And now to present time...I am in my second trimester starting today! I think I may start doing weekly belly shots, but we'll see. Yes I did purposely hide my face in this one. So here's the first belly shot.

13 weeks!!
Hope you enjoyed hearing all about our future Little One. We are so excited. I will really try to be better about doing some posts.
Some of my symptoms:
no sickness, yet
only some mild nausea in the first 3-4 weeks
tender breasts
tired all the time, although, not as bad in the last couple of weeks
I do have to make sure I have something eat and something in my belly about every hour or two
No weight gain as of yet
I'm a very light sleeper now...I heard Nellie (all 8 pounds of her) walking on the carpet and woke me up
No cravings
I am easily swayed to foods though, if I see something on the TV or someone talks about a certain food, I will then want it
Couple of food aversions to Chili and Fajitas
I did like calamari, which I hated before pregnancy


angie on maui said...

Oh, congratulations, sweetie! What exciting news! I was totally smiling reading your post; I really don't know HOW you Mama's can keep a secret for so long...I would have such a hard time with that!

I *love* that although you adore your girlfriends, you wanted Mike to be the first to know the news...that was so sweet to read.

Congratulations to you both! I look forward to reading along on this new little adventure in your lives. :) Yay!


Kelly said...

Wow, CONGRATS!! Such exciting news :-D Love the little way that you told everyone the fantastic news.

Abby said...

Yayayayayayay!!! I've been waiting for this post for the longest time! My mom told me you were preggo, and I'm just beyond stoked for you two! You're going to be a precious mommy, and I cannot wait to meet your bundle of sweetness!

Will my mom and Gaile be throwing you a shower? Watch out for that! You know how crazy those can get!