Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Night-time Fun

I went out with my friend Alayna and her friend Allison to play around with some night photography. We started the evening with dinner at The Flying Burrito on Brookside. Allison shared some of her notes and we got aquainted with some new functions on the camera. Then we headed to my All-Time Favoriate Street in Tulsa, Boston St. From this street you can see all the way through downtown...from Boston Avenue Church to the BOK Building. Love it!
So here is what I came up with.

I love the Star Burst Look! All done on the camera, NO editing!!

These are some fun cloud pictures that I took earlier that same day.

We had so much fun taking the Night Pictures, we plan on meeting up every so often to go on Photo Outings. Thanks so much girls, had a wonderful time and learned so much!


Cheryl Estep said...

You got some great shots, really like the Atlas Life.

alayna said...

it was a blast! i haven't uploaded mine yet....i'm anxious to see what i got. i personally loved laying, on our stomachs, in the middle of Boston St. b/c one of the tripods was so dang little! good times, good times!