Friday, July 2, 2010

Project 365 - SWIRLS

Well, I'm starting yet another new project. It's called 365's a challenge to take a picture everyday for a year. I am starting today, July 1. It is my hope (and long-term goal), that in a year, I can give myself a birthday gift of a book of all my pictures throughout the year that I take. My initial goal is to make it through an entire month. It will also give me the opportunity to practice. So here we go...

My first picture to start out this fun challenge is


I just love swirls and I just so happen to being walking around the yard today and my neighbors have some type of thinks it's a Squash Plant, and the swirlie's caught my eye and so the challenge begins.

I may not post the pictures daily but, do expect to see them weekly. If you have any fun ideas of pictures to take send'em my way.

1 comment:

A Deeper Life said...

I like swirlies too! I'm not artistic at all, but whenever I doodle, it's usually swirles all over! I'm looking forward to seeing your 365 pictures!