Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Little Bit!

14 Weeks!!
Thanks for your sweet comments and emails on my last post!  So fun to get those!

I can't believe it and actually today I am on Day 100 of being pregnant! 
Today I was suppose to go to the doctor, but had to reschedule for next Wednesday :( I'm so sad to have to wait another week to see our Little Bit...which I may start calling LB for short. I need to blog stock some pregger people...I don't really know what all information to share.  So here goes..
So far, still so good.
Thankfully no sickness
I have had lots more energy and feel less tired than before.
With all my energy, I still don't do very much. I need to exercise more...I mean I need to exercise period, but have no motivation.
I love to rub my belly
What to Expect (WTE) says LB is about the size of a naval orange which is about 4.5 in and 2-3 oz.
I still haven't had any cravings, with that said though...
McDonald cheeseburgers are the only kind of burgers I like right now...tried, Smashburger and a couple others, and nothing tastes as yummy as Micky D's
I have about 2, 3, or sometimes 4 oranges a day...I'm not craving, but they are usually always available at work and I have those in my inbetween meals
Meat, in general, just doesn't sound or look good.  I mentioned the fajitas and chili were a no go, pretty picky about burgers, and I tried the Meatloaf at Red Rock the other night and it was a no go too. Which this really makes me sad...because I love my meat!
Mom (my mom) has, I think, finally realized that LB could be a boy and not just a little girl
Been doing some research for childcare and let me tell ya, I almost wanted to cry!
My brain is mush
I have had lower back pain, Mike has been so sweet and will rub my back for me when I go to bed
I had my first baby dream---it was a boy, but we couldn't decide on a name...for a long time in dream Julie called me and told me we could borrow 'Jackson' until we figured out what we would name him, and I gave him apple juice in a bottle---Mike makes fun of most my dreams, because they are usually so random.
With that, I still have no 'feeling' if LB is a cowboy or cowgirl
I had my first 'round ligament pain' according to WTE two nights felt like I pulled a muscle when I went to turn over. The pain went away quickly
No weight gain
My belly is definately sticking further out there. Some days its still jiggly and other days it feels really firm.
I like it when Nellie rests on my belly purring...I think its a great relaxing sound for LB!
So I think that's it so far.

Here is my Week 14 Belly Picture!

Last weekend, my mom came over to help me clear out the office and move some funiture to start getting ready for the nursery. We moved the desk and file cabinet into the guest room and it actually fits quite nicely. We still have a few more things that we need to remove...the chest/dresser is going to Kira, the TV is going to the dump, the stand, to Goodwill I guess, and the long table back to mom's attic. All the junk under still needs to find a happy home here somewhere. We even cleaned out the closets!

Well, I hope you had a Happy Hump Day!  I am so ready for Friday!!  I feel it can't get here any sooner! Have a good one!


Deidra Andis said...

Oh, Kelly, I love your baby bump!!! You are so cute! We are so happy for you and the many blessings you will have with that sweet baby.

Sarah Yoder said...

So fun that you are sharing bump photos on your blog! Here is a blog a friend sent me with some good ideas of what all you can put on here. She answers the same questions each week.