Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Picture EXPLOSION!! 365 Caught Up!



 I am officially caught up on my pictures.  YAHOO!!!  Some of these are out of order because I could remember exactly what day I took'em, so they may not match up exactly to the day they were taken, but they were!  So enjoy this explosion of picture madness.

Day 299 - 2 Corinthians 4:6
For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.
Here is Oklahoma it been nothing but rain for about 4 days straight and before that, it was drizzly and yucky.  So this evening after it had rained and poured all day and night, they sun actually came out to play for the last few moments of sunlight left.

 Day 298 - Baby Lettuce!
In my garden I planted leaf lettuce seeds and amongst all the rain/flooding, I have baby lettuces popping up!

 Day 297 - Cheery Drops
These are my fun color plant cages in my garden for my cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and tomato plants.  Again, it's been raining like we should build an arc and I liked the raindrops hanging from the cages and the raindrop bokah in the background. 

 Day 296 - Pretty Door

 Day 295 - Small Town Downtown
The Downtown Streets of Sapulpa, OK have some really fun painted alley ways.

 Day 294 - No Name yet...any ideas?
Found a cool place for sunset pictures

 Day 293 - Gate Beauty
This gate, I've always loved...the vintage look and the ornate swirls...always been a sucker for swirls.  This is the entrance to the Gilcrease Museum
Quick Funny Story---The museum closes in the evening, but today the gates still happen to be open, so I was picture taken away and then I found another fun thing to photograph and then thought, oh, I bet if I go to the parking lot, I can get a great picture of something else...so in I went.  I was there for about 15 minutes and got some shots and packed up...we I was driving out to the exit (separate from this gate)...the gate was CLOSED!  I thought, $#!*, I'm stuck in the museum all night...and the museum isn't a grand part of town either.  So I keep going, really thinking I'm gonna have to ran the gate with my little car...as I got closer...I wasn't locked in the gate ACROSS the street was closed and it just so happened to match up perfectly with the museum exit.  Whew!

 Day 292 - TAX DAY
One of my least favorite parts of the year.  Mike is in charge of doing our taxes, because of the business and all he has to get together.  So I have nothing to do with it, which is probably good practice for me to not have to feel I should be in charge of most things...but it drives me crazy!  I love my husband and ALL that goes with him, even his little quirks of being, aside from my mom, the biggest procrastinator I know!!  So here we are Monday April 18th, yes we get 3 extra days because of some weird local holiday, sorting through all the tax stuff.  You can see Mikes little spot where he sat in the midst of all the paper work.  FYI, this is after he left to take the taxes, so not ALL the paperwork is there, but this is most of it.

 Day 291 - Be Fruitful and Multiply
Genesis 1:28.  Our Garden!  I am so excited about our garden.  I heard about Squarefoot Gardening from my friend Alayna and did some research and built a garden. I planted Tomato, Cucumber, Squash, Zucchini, Onion, Bell Peppers, Banana Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Lettuce, Okra, and Beans!  I'm so dang excited.  I also added fun color planters for the extra plants I had.  So hopefully we will be fruitful this harvesting season!!

 Day 290 - Freedom isn't Free
This is to Honor all that fight for our county, but to symbolize Casey's returning home from deployment!! 

 Day 289 - Tornado Alley!
Remember Twister!! Well in Oklahoma, we are in full force Tornado Alley and boy, have the storms been great!  If you live in Oklahoma, more than likely you were probably (or use to) outside watching the storm rather than listening to the weathermen telling us to take cover.  I got home from work early and noticed some dark clouds and some awesome lightening in the South.  I tried to capture some lightening bolts but none of my 100's of shots turned out, then the sirens went off and I was like "whaat..."  So I went to the front to see what was going on, along with at least 3 of my other neighbor in my cul-de-sac.  We didn't see much and the sirens went off again.  I went inside and looked at facebook and a friend had posted "I'm right underneath the wall cloud" he lives just  a couple miles from me...so what do I do? Head back outside to find the wall cloud...and what do I see??  Rotation!  It never dropped, but it hung around for a couple of minutes and then moved north.  Not too much damage here in town, but it did continue moving to the east coast and had damage out there.  Prayers for those affected by the storm.

And here I am with the storm way to the north of me! 

Day 288 - Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head!!
April Showers, we are ready for you to Go Away!
Enjoyed playing in the rain with Remi and Cam (my Camera) and my homemade Camera Rain Jacket! 

Day 287 - An Up-Hill Walk
Do you ever have times in your life where is seems like everything is an up-hill battle?  I have these thoughts sometimes and then I take a look around and just enjoy the scenery that God has painted on my up-hill walk for me.

 Day 286 - Another Beautiful Sunset

Day 285 - High Contrast
At least I think so...I am trying to understand contrast lately and get pretty confused...so I think this is High contrast because it has very distinct light and dark pieces. Any contrast lovers out there with some insight, would love to here!

Day 284 - This Old Barn
Isn't she a Beauty!  Went with my friend Katie on a picture outing and we found this Old Barn on the side of the highway!  Love it!

Day 283 - Tulips!!
One of my Favorites!!

 Day 282 - Reverse Lens!
Playing with my camera is so much fun.  I saw an online photo friend do what was called Reverse Lens photography...basically it's a Macro Lens the Cheap Way!!  I used my 50mm Prime Lens and litterly turned it backwards on my camera body, held it as close as I could to not let in extra light and Wallah! Macro Photography!  You should definitely try it out!  They even have Reverse Lens adapter that connect your lens backwards on your camera.  So fun!

 Day 281 - Spring is Here!!
It's finally sprung here in Oklahoma!  The Red Buds are in full bloom and it was a beautiful day to get some pictures with the brilliant blue sky as a wonderful backdrop!

Day 280 - Something Shinny!!
Some of my favorite shoes.  I got them in college when I knew I'd be working in a facility that probably would let me wear my Chaco's and needed some closed toe shoes.  Have had them for about 5-6 years, they are super comfy, and a bit smelly! 

Day 279 - Fire Side
I love this type of fireside!  With wine and lots of friends...now where are the Smores!

 Day 278 - Mommy's Time Out!
I thought this was hilarious!  Joanna and her friend ordered this for lunch!  Sometimes this Mommy (to furkids) needs a timeout and I love me some wine to go with it!

Day 277 - Cafe 7
This place is fabulous!  In Edmond, OK.  A couple of our friends opened it a couple years ago and it is awesome, we keep asking when they are opening one in Tulsa...they tell us they have different plans for Tulsa...but anyway, they have 7 salads, 7 pizzas, 7 sandwiches, & 7 pastas, all for $7 and its out to you in about 7 minutes!  Love it and you will too!!

Day 276 - Orchid
At Kandace and Koosh's Wedding...I loved the orchids as center pieces

Day 275 - Texture
Love the texture the clouds give the sky!

Day 274 - Wel-COME Home!!
Casey's Banner that greeted him when he returned home (Japan) from Afghanistan.  We want him to come Home Home soo soo bad, but are very thankful he left the Sandbox safely!

Well, if you made it this far, you are Awesome!!  Hope you enjoyed my picture explosion!!


Mom said...

Loved the explosion! You got some amazing shots.

Marisa said...

Little, these are breathtaking! You are so talented!! Think you want to make a trip down to ATX for a newborn session? ;)

alayna said...

great pics! you have to tell me where that awesome barn is!!!!