Saturday, September 3, 2011

Alaska Part 3


Here we are on our Wildlife Cruise in the Kenai Fjords National Park.  So. Much. Fun!  It was cold, and we weren't particularly had been so nice the previous days, we didn't really think about being on the water WAY up north that it would be too cold...silly me.  Thankfully though, the cruise ship had indoors and outdoors and Julie let me wear her jacket when I went out on the decks. 
The Water...The prettiest blue, I've ever seen!  Really even compared to the Carribean! Georgous!

I know it's small, but here is our map...we started in Seward in Resurection Bay, then followed that little red line and saw soo soo much!  We were with Major Marine.

Some Glaciers...the Blue looking parts are considered Glaciers, you can read more about Glaciers here.

I forget what this area was called, but it was beautiful! Just a little Cove...Julie, Peggy if you remember the name let me know!

This is Fox Island, and I was too busy clicking away, that I didn't take any notes...but there is something significant about this little island about what lives and what doesn't. 
We saw Humpback Whales!!  2 or 3, the wildlife director girl, says we saw two young ones and a momma...I only remember seeing the younger ones.  We even saw their tails!!  Too bad I didn't get a picture of that!  She said, they only will show their tails when they are diving deep and for a long period of time. But here is one of their backs.
I got really excited when we saw the Stellar Sea Lions...and to be honest, when she said 'Stellar', I really thought she was just discribing them, not saying the actual name.  But they were STELLAR!  So this is what I first saw and was so pumped about, two...
 Then we saw three...
 Then there were Hundreds!!  All just layin out enjoying a lazy day!
 This is a Juvenile Bald Eagle.
 Here is an adult Bald Eagle
 And kinda creepy, reminds me of The Birds Movie...lots of what look like sea gulls, but they have a different name...

Bear Glacier...I think one of the biggest in the Resurrection Bay Area. 
 See the blue? The big dark line is where two glaciers have come together to form Bear Glacier.

 Mountain Goats! They are so cool!

So there's the Wildlife Cruise.  So much fun and we saw so much, things I didn't even get pictures of believe it or not!  If you go to Alaska, definitely take a trip like this!
I am finally done with all my pictures!  Out of the 1000+, I end up with about 550.  I am learning to not have to take so many dang pictures of the same thing.
More pictures will be posted soon!

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