Friday, September 2, 2011

This & That...

Okay, my birthday was August 5th and I turned , what some people refer to as the Dirty Thirty!  I didn't even know what that was...I actually saw some friends post some Dirty Thirty comments earlier, and I had no clue...To me Thirty is great...I don't feel 30, that's for sure.  My friend, Amy and I were talking and we still feel 27...we don't really know why, but 27 seemed to be a good number. So, anywho, I'm still buying myself Birthday gifts...

This AWESOME Bath Mitt came a couple weeks ago and I. LOVE. IT!  Remember, my brother gave me, mom, and Sara (my SIL) spa days...this was one of the things they used and I told myself then that I would be getting me some of these.  They are on the pricey end $25-$35, depending if you buy from Supracor or if you find it on Ebay. But it is worth every penny!  I also got the wonderful Facial Scrubs too!  Both in Magenta!  So fun to take showers and wash my face!

I just ordered this! I was  blog stalking hanging out over at In This Wonderful Life and saw Megan had talked about her new Life Planner, so I checked it out. I think every person needs one of these AMAZING Erin Condren Life Planners!  I mean where the heck were you, Erin, when I was in high school and especially college when litterly, my Mortar Board, was. my. life?!  This woman got in my head and I swear made all of her designs with me in mind!  I feel like it can't get here soon enough!!  The picture below is an example of one of her Life Planners, I got this one, with Mike and I's names on it and the fun things we love.  So excited...she also has a million other awesome things like---to all my wonderful teacher friends---Teacher Lesson Planners, Stationary, Address Books/Labels, Stickers, All sorts of fun fun stuff!
Oh, I got $10 off with the 'Welcome10' Coupon idea how long that will run for...but if you order now, you will also get the rest of this years months along with all of 2012. Seriously, go check her out!

Moving on to more birthday celebration...Joanna's (my SIL-Mike's sister) B-Day is August 2nd, so we all celebrated with grandparents and all at Bonefish Grill and the waitress surprised us both with these! How fun!
 Then on my B-Day, got together again at The Bistro with family...Mike, Me, Granny, Mom, Dad, Sara, Casey
 Mike and my parents
 Me, Mom, and Granny

Later that evening Mike and I met up with our friends at a really cool Wine Bar downtown.  It was a fabulous day!

In other news...

OSU Football kicks off this weekend!!  GO POKES!! We may be going...Rick and Mel are in town for it and we may go with them...still up in the air, but either way, we will be cheerin on our Cowboys against Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns!  Can't even believe Football season is here, but I'm so ready for it.  And, they are saying starting Monday, we are saying good buy to the triple digit weather!!!  WAAHOOO!!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and Happy Weekend, can't believe its so late, I'm going to bed!

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Jessica H said...

Love the life planner. I actually just started putting together a home management binder. It's awesome and keeps us so organized!

Adam and I are so excited for football season to start- the kids will be decked out in their respective colors! :)