Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Love Weekends!

I Heart Weekends!! 

Especially when they are filled with fun friends, beautiful weather, patios, football, beer being thrown at you, and good food!

Friday Mike and I went out for dinner and drinks with Derek and Kacy.  We sat out on the patio of Cafe Ole!  They have some of the best queso dinner was a different story though, blah!  But thankfully, I filled up on chips and queso.  Then we went to Blue Dome District downtown in hopes of trying out Dust Bowl, a vintage bowling ally downtown...they didn't have any lanes available until midnight, so we will try another time.  Then we went to McNellies for a couple of drinks.  I really really don't like beer, but McNellies has a gazillion beers, so I tried a cider beer, it was yummy but too sweet for me to finish. 

Saturday, I took Nellie to the vet, she's still a cat, that weighs 8 pounds. We normally see Dr. Mac, but Nellie saw Dr. Townsly, and she thought Nellie looked a little on the light side and asked about feeding. I told her she's been about 8 pounds since we got her, just a little petite girl.  So she checked out just fine.
Then we headed to Chad and Debra for some All Day College Football!  Texas A&M hosted our Cowboys and, I have to say, I was a bit upset in the first half, Mike on the other hand...I thought we'd have to buy new windows or something for Chad and Debra's house...he's very passionate about OSU Football.  Well Chad finally made it home at halftime and got his ORANGE on and the second half was amazing!  Go POKES!!  We beat A&M 30-29, so long Aggies, have fun in the SEC!
We also watched the OU/Mizzou game, and I was sad that Mizzou couldn't keep it up to take home a win in Norman.  But oh well.

So we had lots of fun with game winnings and Mike and I also celebrated a great win for the Yankees!
They beat the Red Sox 9-1 WooHoo!!

So yes, I said weekends are great with beer being thrown at you...on our way home from Chad and Debras, there was this ever so classy, more than likely overserved, guy that kept riding Mike's tail and then as he exited, waving at us with a very nice finger, he threw his can of beer at us and hit Mike's windshield!!  I couldn't believe it and was wanting to jump out of the car and kick some bootie!  Mike on the other hand, I don't really know where my husband was when all this happened, because, he just smiled and said, "We Win".  He was so excited about OSU's win, that even a beer thrown at him didn't bother him. He also told me this morning that he woke up in the night and smiled because he was so happy about OSU winning. He's such a nerd and I love him so much!

Sunday, Mike is playing golf with his buddies and I took Remi to the Dog Park and we had a blast.  It is absolutely a gorgeous day, we went walking, and Remi also played in the creek nearby.  She's worn out now, but we may go on another walk later tonight.  I have beans cooking in the kitchen and am excited about some yummy cornbread for tonight too.

I had a great time in Indianapolis last week and will post about that later. I have a couple of cool pictures to share too.

Oh, I can't believe we leave for ITALY so soon!!!  I've got to start packing!  YAY!  Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week!


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