Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Here, It's Here!!!

Remember here, I talked about the AWESOME Erin Condren Life Planner I ordered??? It's Here and I am so excited!  I'm tellin' ya, Ms. Erin is straight out of my bright and cheery bubble, I mean even her packaging brightens my day!  So here it is...
Oh, and thankfully, it wasn't breakable, when the fedex guy came...who didn't even bother to ring the door bell or knock...I swear, he stood at the end of our porch and just chunked it at the door and went back to his truck. But oh well, I obviously placed it nicely for a great picture!

 What I found once I opened it!  They even made me my own Sample package of Enjoy Stickers!
 Wallah!!!  YAY, my very own Life Planner!
With all things fun Mike and I love to do! 
More fun packaging details! 
And these are my most favorite pens that I'll be filling it with! Papermate Profile.  They really are the best pens ever if you like a Medium point.  I use the black at work and so wish I could use the fun colors, but they frown on fun colors! Fun-Haters! 
And these are my second favorite pens, the RSVP by Pentel.  They come in Fine or Medium Tip.

So, that completely made my weekend!  I'll be taking it with me everywhere I go! 
This weekend I have to! and then I'm headed to Indianapolis for the ATRA (American Therapeutic Recreation Association) Conference and I am so excited.  I'll be there til Wednesday

Our Cowboys come to Tulsa tomorrow to face the Hurricane.  Mike and I will probably have some friends over to watch the game considering the tickets were freaking $95!  But you could pay $110 and get a TU 3-game package...umm no thanks.  Go Pokes!

The weather has started to cool and if feels amazing like FALL!  I just hope we get more than a week or two of Fall and then it goes to Winter.  I love Fall!

We head to Italy super soon!! Less than a month!  I plan on renting the same wide angle lens that I took to Alaska to get some great pictures.  I can't wait!

Well, I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!


Mom said...

You make me smile! I love how the little things in life make you so darn happy!!! Glad you got your super cute planner. :0)

Jessica H said...

I love this! The packaging is super fun and I love how personalized your planner is. I need to check out her web site- now! :)

Kelly said...

I got my planner on Friday and I am IN LOVE!! I did my Fave Things too-- isn't it SO colorful and pretty?? I LOVE RSVP pens too, I need to pick some up to use in the new planner!! Hope you had a great weekend :-D