Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beat the Bears!

Greatest Homecoming in the Nation!!

So, yes, I'm back from my most wonderful trip to ITALY.  Still trying to catch up on sleep. I finally transferred my pictures to the computer, so I hope to start working on those this weekend.  IT. WAS. AMAZING!  Even though I would love to still be there, I am happy to say that I glad to be back to normal toilets and being able to enjoy watching some OSU Football!  More on my trip later!

Oklahoma State University!  I Love my Cowboys.  Yesterday, some girlfriends and I headed up to Stillwater to enjoy all the wonderful House Decks for Homecoming and of course some O-State Shopping!  My arm is about to wave right off with all the waving wheat I've done while watching the Cowboys beat some Baylor Bears Bootie!  I'm irritated with Blogger right now...I have some more pictures that I tried downloading but it's not really working out for me, so maybe later this evening I will be able to get the rest on here. 
This years theme is Where Your Story Began.  The Greek Life did, again, an amazing job at all the House Decks.  Enjoy!
Library ORANGE Fountain!

My Favorite Sign I saw from all the Sign Comptitions! 

So I started downloading in the 3rd Quarter and we are now 45 seconds left in the game.  OSU 59 Baylor 24.  Another great Poke Win!

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Jessica H said...

Someday I hope to visit for homecoming weekend. I absolutely LOVE OSU's homecoming, and have been so sad to miss it since graduating. I'm just happy I can live vicariously through you and your pictures until I'm able to be there in person again! The house decks were awesome!