Sunday, October 30, 2011

OSU Homecoming Part 2

More from Homecoming!  So just a little back ground for all you who don't know about The Greatest Homecoming in the Nation.  It truly is a campus wide project to create the greatest homecoming!  Fraternities and Sororities, Campus Life, Residential Halls, Clubs, Alumni....they all make it happen.  When I was a young 'lassie' I was apart of the Greek Life portion of Homecoming....and to be honest, I wasn't a fan.  I always loved the outcome of what we created, but hated having to actually do it.  So, I am glad I haven't had to pomp in many years. 
Greek Life creates these amazing House Decks.  They pomp chicken wire with tissue.  It is AMAZING the detail that can be created with wire and tissue.  Now when I was in school the chicken wire was just plain ol' 2-3 finger big.  We also had SOME 'Micro Pomping', where the chicken wire is just a pencil/pinky finger big.  The Kappa Sigmas decided they would start doing their whole deck as a Micro-Pomping deck.  And since then everyone followed suit and now every house deck is done with Micro Pomping and I don't think there is such thing as 'normal' pomping.
So, they work on these, pretty much starting the first or second month of school starting.  Then on the Thursday night before Walk-Arounds, they all stay up ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  Really!  You get to watch the sun go down, the sun come up, and usually the sun go down again around this time.  This was my favorite night.  We would go walking around, there were great people who offered free hot-chocolate and snacks.  It always seemed to be the coldest night of the year on All-Night Pomp.
Then Friday, judging begins on everything.  Along with the house decks, there are Sign Competitions, Chili Cook-Off, Football Frenzy, Harvest Carnival, Street Painting, a Parade, and so much more. Then they announce the winners at the game. 
So all this hard work is what creates the Greatest Homecoming in the Nation.  If you've never been, I suggest you try to make it out one year. I love OSU!

The Pi Phi's and AGR's got second in House Decks! 
 While we were there, we stopped by our ol' stomping grounds, the good ol' Pi Beta!  We couldn't find "Arrow" our Tandem Bicycle, but we did find our brick-Julie, Amber, and I-best friends!  I love them dearly and am so thankful for their friendship. We looked around the  house and checked out all the composites again and reminisced great memories.
 Isn't this great?!  It is a flag from 1929!!  The Pi Phi House started at OSU in 1919.  This was donated by a generous Alumna.  She also donated her Pi Phi Jacket too!  So cool!
 Color it ORANGE...Theta Pond with Orange Lights all around.
 And the Library with Orange Lights too!

So there ya have it.  One of my favorite parts about Oklahoma State!

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