Monday, October 10, 2011

Get Carried Away!

At the Tulsa State Fair!!
It's been a while since I've been to the fair...possibly 10 years...the last time I remember, Casey and I did the Freefall 'ride' which was so much Fun!  So this year, Dad, Casey, and I headed out to the fairgrounds to check it out.  We went on a Thursday, and surprisingly, I don't really recall any 'typical carnies'.  Everyone looked pretty normal for the most strike out on the people second favorite part of the fair. 
My favorite part is the FOOD!!  I had a gigantic corn dog, a funnel cake...which I wasn't completely satisfied with, some delish spud spirals and I think that was it for me.  Dad had a Rubin that he really liked and some type of ice cream.  Casey went all out and tried the corn dog, spud spiral, two caramel apples, fried pickles-which I tried and made the eww face because they were dill pickles.  We were both able to walk away from the scrumptious chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie dough. 
We didn't ride any rides, but had a great time watching others ride them!  We walked around the Expo and Dad got a cool sign made for his hanger and we also got The X-Dream-X-Sticker Speaker.  I got the orange one.  It's pretty cool and seems to work pretty well if you don't already have can stick it just about anything and it turns the object into a speaker! We also saw all the animals, one of my favorites!
All in all, it was a fabulous time with my dad and brother!  Love you guys!

Here are some picks!
 In the Expo, we went to the Butterfly exhibit...A. Mazing!

 This little lady really like Casey and hung out on his should about the whole time we were in their.
 The Midway!

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Abby said...

What?! You walked away from the chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie dough?! Insanity!