Thursday, April 5, 2012

24 Weeks

How far along: 24 Weeks and a couple days!! 6 Months!! I was so excited to think I was in my third trimester, but I guess I have to finish out the week before I start the home stretch!
We have an Eggplant this week, about 9 inches and 1.7 pounds!
What I've Learned from What to Expect: My uterus is the size of a freaking soccer ball!!! Holy Smokes, I couldn't believe it when I read that! She's looking a little more pink because of the capillaries forming under her skin. LB's little nostrils are starting to open up allowing her to practice breathing...not real breaths yet, still the amniotic fluid. They also said that if Daddy puts his ear to the belly, that he may be able to hear her heart beat!

Total weight gain/loss:  1 pound

Maternity clothes: I love them, they are so comfortable! Any suggestions on a new question would be great here!

Stretch marks: No new ones.

Sleep: Has been rough!! Waking up at all hours of the night, sometimes for bathroom, sometimes I don't know the reason. I've been having 'Angry Dreams' lately doing a lot of yelling in my dreams with things and people I am frustrated with in real life. I really hope I don't blow up in real life with all my wonderful pregnancy hormones goin on! : /  I thought I read somewhere you were suppose to be having 'Good Dreams'! I need those!

Best moment this week: I'm starting to forget all the fun things that happen in the week...but I got a couple of decor items for her room and a glider! Get this, from Wally World for $150!! And it's comfortable!  It's a little small for Mike, but I think this is the first time I actually fit in a chair! Mike has found a rocker that he loves, so we will look into getting that for a nice chair for the living room.
I went to the doctor this week, Mike couldn't go because of work, but I got to see her modest little self again! She was covering her face, but waving her hands and wiggling her feet. I also got to hear her heart beat again. Love that sound. 
Feeling her move!

Reading to her...and Remi and's so cute, I usually just go in there and start reading, and Remi makes her way in and lays down, and sometimes Nellie will come and sit by the door.

Miss Anything: Still a Dr. Pepper...weird! Wine :) and sleeping on my back!

Movement: YES!!! YIPPEE!!  It is fabulous! I feel her below my belly button and really on all side and in front. Little pokes here and there, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on what I've eaten. Monday, though, I started to freak myself out, because I hadn't felt her (it felt like all day). I knew earthing would be okay, but I had some first worry. Well that night as I was trying to sleep...I started feeling her like crazy. Silly little girl!
Food cravings: Nothing that I can really think of these past two weeks, but I'm sure there was something...

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing comes to mind

Labor Signs: Nope.

Belly Button in or out: Innie, but looking kinda flat from the inside...

Pregnancy Symptom: Boobs are huge, but Mike said they hadn't gotten bigger in the last week or so. Lots of Back Pain. My nails are growing like crazy!! Legs are cramping. Wanting to nest. Peeing all the time! Difficulty breathing sometimes. Pregnancy Brain has started to TAKE OVER!! It's awful, I am forgetting things all the time!! Emotional, not as bad as last week, but still spurts of random crying.

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy, then the hormones come on and so do the tears. Remember how I mentioned a while back, that with Baseball Season starting and Mike getting really busy at work...well I get pretty emotional that I am living the Married-single life.

Looking forward to: Going to Showers. Thinking of names---we have a short list, but nothing definite. Mike being able to feel her move. Seeing Grandma and Grandpa Evans this weekend!! Haven't seen them since Christmas!

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