Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Bit's Nursery!!

Okay so get ready for a bright blast of Little Bit's Nursery!! Which I absolutely adore!! I knew I wanted to do bright colors and probably some elephants and giraffes, but for sure color! So I searched and I just couldn't believe how much baby bedding was!! It is expensive!! So then I started thinking, maybe I'll just find some fabric and let grandma make some didn't seem too hard and I know that my mom would just love doing that! For real, I really think she would and she would have done an amazing job if that's what we ended up doing. So I looked and found some Ellie & Stretch fabric that came in just about any color. Then I kinda stopped reason, I wasn't dead set on the fabric, just got busy and knew I wasn't going to be doing anything soon.
Well, my mom on the other hand, had been looking 3,4,5 times a day I think. She is getting her nursery set up you know! She really is, so Little Bit can spend the night there as much as I spent the night with my Granny when I was little! So she found some really cute ones, she is doing a yellow and grey to go with her guest room she has and it's gender neutral so when we have more, a little Mike can also like the yellow. :) Well, in her mad search for bedding she came across a Carter's one she liked at Target and then went to the website and found all sorts of cuteness! At this point we still didn't know if we were having a boy or girl, so I was looking at everything. I found two on Carter's I liked a lot, Safari Sky for a boy and Safari Brights for a girl.  Still didn't do too much. Then we found out we were having a girl and boy-oh-boy did we (my mom and I) really start looking around. Then I found another one I loved at Babies R Us, Blossom. Which I thought was just so pretty and soothing.
Now let me back up a ways...we got our furniture a long while back, like really almost when we found out we were pregnant. I was out with my mom and Amy and had seen the furniture a couple times and it was perfect!  It is white, and you can change out color slats, so then it gives you a splash of color. I was still kinda debating, because I didn't for sure know if I wanted white or dark. Decisions, decisions!  Then it was do I want a pretty nursery or a fun one...of course, I went with FUN!! So we got the furniture...which was ALL ON CLEARANCE!! All the furniture was about $700!! A convertible crib, dresser that then turns into a desk, and a chest...if that's what you would call it, it stands up higher...So we got the white and get to change out color slats when we want...AND...I had always talked about not wanting to spend too much, because what it the little one decides to scribble all over it? Well, the Chest has a chalk board on one side and a dry erase board on the other!! Perfect!! I love it.
Okay, back to bedding.  So after I showed Mike the ones I liked, he wasn't a fan of the Ellie and Stretch stuff, I showed him a picture of a set already done and he just got big eyes and said, that's really bright.  So we scratched that. Then I showed him the Safari Brights and Blossom, he liked both, but ultimately liked the Safari Brights one better, which I was so excited about because I loved it too!  He then started being silly and asked silly questions....Well, do you think the elephant will make her think she's fat? No Mike and there are giraffes...Well, will the giraffe make her think she has a long neck....yes this is my goofy husband that I love so dearly!
So, we ordered the 4-piece and got a fabulous deal...AGAIN!! At the time, Carters was only selling the sets for about $120, I think. And then I found a 15 or 20% off coupon to use...So I got the bedding for less than a $100! Woot Woot! Keep in mind some bedding 3-piece sets are $350!! and Higher!! Then my mom couldn't help herself and she pretty much ordered the entire rest of the room and with that fabulous % off coupon I found and the super low prices at the time, she got pretty much the rest of it for about $250...So we ended up getting her entire nursery....wall stuff, blankets, hamper, blankets, toys,  blankets, toys, sheets, bumper, diaper bag thingy, rattles, burp cloths, the WHOLE Shabang for $350!! Go us!!

So with all that said, where is Little Bit's Room with all the goodies!

Now we just need to find a glider, I saw one at Buy Buy Baby I liked and we really need to get on the ball because if we have to order, I think it takes 10-15 weeks!! I only have 16.5 weeks left!! YIKES!
I sure do hope Little Bit loves her nursery as much as we do!

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Anonymous said...

Super cute Kel! Remindes me of your BRIGHT bedding at our house senior year! You are one fun chic/mommy! :)