Sunday, July 22, 2012

Belly Bump Updates!

So, I've been a little MIA...Little Bit is still kickin it though...I'll share more about her in a bit.
So here are my Belly Bump Updates...I don't think I'll have time to answer all my questions I've been answering in the past weeks, so we will see.

July 13th
38 Weeks
I think this is my favorite of all my week pics...

July 18th
39 Weeks
I'm not a huge fan of either of these pictures or my swollen face :) 

Today July 22nd!
One day before D-Day!!
We went for Sunday Brunch with Mike's family at Waterfront Grill, and it was very tasty...I had WAY to many carbs for my blood sugar levels...oh well!

A little about what's going on...we go in this evening to the hospital at 7:00. They will be a cream on my cervix to thin it out (which apparently helps if they have to induce me)...then we wait. Hopefully and prayerfully, I go into labor on my own, but if not, tomorrow morning 6 or 7 I would guess, Dr. Cox will break my water and start the Induce medicine and then sometime tomorrow, we will meet our precious little girl!! I'm so excited!!
Thankfully Mike is feeling better, we went to Urgent Care yesterday morning and he was able to get some antibiotics and cough med...he feels much better!  Praise Jesus and thanks for all the prayers for him too!
I've still been feeling just fine for being about ready to explode. I wake up with Shrek Feet about every morning now. Just about all of me is starting to swell...which I won't complain too much, because I know it will all be worth it.
My last day of work was Friday, which I am so excited about!  I know it's not a break, and I will be working in differnt terms when we come home from the hosptial...but I am very thankful to have a break from that work for a while. For the most part, the kiddos were very sweet and we excited for me to have my baby.
Rick and Mel flew in last night, they will be staying with us for while to help out. Which I am very thankful for. Not sure how long Mike will be able to take off of work, so it will be nice for Mel and my mom to come over and help...and whoever else!
Mom has been over the past two days and a few days in the past couple of weeks to help me clean and get the house all in order...she is a crazy cleaning woman!! And I am so thankful for that. She has cleaned things, I didn't even know you cleaned!! Or how to clean for that matter!
I finally did pack my bag last weekend, just in case. Mike still needs to get his stuff together tonight.
No, we still haven't picked a name yet. We will be choosing one once she gets here...good thing is she has to leave the hospital with a no more procrastinating for Mike!

Alright, well, I'm gonna go get some more things done before we leave for the hospital. Next time I post, I will be a Mommy!!

Mike and I 
 Belly shot
Aunt Jo! 
The Evans 
The Excited to-be-Great-Grandparents! 


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Abby said...

You are too stinkin' cute! I'll be praying for you today that you have a safe and perfect labor! So excited to see pictures of your little girl!