Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Bit! 37 Weeks!!

So, I kinda slacked last week and didn't get the post up when I wanted. This was me at 37 weeks, but now, I'm almost 38! So there is about a week and a half to two week time frame in this post!

How far along: 37 Weeks, and 5 days to be clear :), Praise Jesus, the end is in sight!
According to What to Expect, we have a WATERMELON, about 19-22 inches and 6.5 pounds
I feel like I have a watermelon in my belly too!!

What I've Learned from What to Expect: She's shedding that filmy stuff off her body, she's probably swallowed some amniotic fluid...yummy! Her lungs continue to mature--which is really one of the big reasons, why I am okay with her staying as long as she needs too!  But secretly, I want her to come whenever!
Total weight gain/loss: 13 pounds.... up two more this week! I think its the swelling in my Shrek Feet!! and my lips...lots of people have asked me about my lips, so funny!  I did take pictures of my Shrek Feet and sent them to a friend a couple days ago...I don't know how to get pictures from my phone to the blog though, so I have nothing to show you now.
Stretch marks: Yep, Mike confirmed that there are some hiding under the belly that I couldn't see.
Sleep: Last week all good, Monday and Tuesday of this week, awful!! I think it had to do with my eating schedule though, I had eaten late both those nights, and probably eaten too much, so it was miserable trying to sleep. Otherwise, sleeping like a baby until the Babe gets here :)
Best moments this week: Having a couple days off work, getting off work early, ultrasounds at the doctors, 4th of July Fireworks and Celebration with friends, Going to see Ted--was really hoping it was going to promote labor, but it didn't. Taking naps, Mike has been more than usual super sweet lately, I think he can tell, I'm starting to feel very blah, did get her baby book semi-put-together still have some work to do.
Getting an official Induce Date!! If she doesn't make her debut sooner, her eviction notice is for
July 23!!! 
SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! We were told we'd go in the night of the 22nd if I'm not progressing at all and they would give me something to 'start me up', but if I have progressed some (dilating/effaced) then I will just go in the morning of the 23rd.
Miss Anything: Being able to feel my finger tips, my ankles, Wine---oh when I smell it, I can almost taste it now, I can't wait to have a nice glass of our Italy Wine when we get home!
Movement: Yep, still a little machine
Food cravings: sweet stuff
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Cleaning Mike's Shower (I shower in the guest bathroom, because it is a tub and feels bigger to me, than the standing shower in our master bath). That was the first time, I really felt like throwing up!! It was disgusting!!
Labor Signs: So sad, last time, I had so many 'Labor Signs', it was all a tease I guess! I haven't had anything since last week!  Maybe one BH my thought about her coming soon, is no longer...I really do hope she comes on her own before we induce, but now I'm thinking she will take her sweet time...she knows how awfully hot it is outside!
I may have lost a teninsy bit more of my plug, but it was so little, I'm not really thinking that's what it was.
I still have some feelings that she is starting to 'crown', like when I get up from sitting on the couch. But nothing like last time.
Belly Button in or out: Stretchie!!
Most Ridiculous thing I've Cried about or gotten Upset about: Oh, I got really upset with Mike sometime last week...I don't remember now what it was, nothing that was worth getting upset over, or at least as upset as I got :) but I cried about that for a while. I will randomly just feel like crying for no reason, some songs make me cry, and some tv shows will make me cry. Driving to and from work, I let my mind wander and then I start thinking all the 'what ifs' and I start crying from that. 
Gestational Diabetes Update: Managing Well. Getting sick of it though! Sometimes, I just really don't want to care! I'd be an awful Lifetime Diabetic, I think I'd just throw the towel in and say give me a pump. So, for all my friends  who do have diabetes, I am very proud of you for making good choices to manage it.
Pregnancy Symptom: Feeling like a 90 year old woman with Arthritis!! It sucks!
Dr. told me I probably have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...I started having tingling in my middle fingertip, I assumed it had to do with the daily pricking. But then it continued to get worse and then my index and ring fingertips went tingly, and my middle one went numb...Numb as in I feel I could rip my fingernail off and I wouldn't feel it. So, Dr. Cox recommended I get a wrist brace and it may help, I got one last night, I don't really see how it will make it better, but we will try it out.
Getting more anxious and excited about the big day.
Super tired. Glad work has been slow so I can come home early for is taking my PTO, but oh well!
My groin still is sore
My belly is so big, that it is getting harder and harder to wipe after the bathroom and I've been bumping it into things a lot lately!! Sticking more out there and it gets in the way!
Nesting and wanting to nest!
Feeling like I have arthritis all over my body.
Back Pain.
Shrek Feet. or Mike would say he's going to start calling me Sasquatch...he really just noticed how swollen they get today.
Wedding rings on or off: Off, glad I didn't get a temporary replacement, because I feel my fingers have swollen even more!  Not to the point of Shrek fingers yet, but I may get there!
Happy or Moody most of the time: TIRED! Able to take more naps, resting, and keeping my feet up. Moody earlier in the week, Happier later in the week.

Looking forward to: The big day, whenever that may be. Picking a name. Packing my bags---nope still haven't done that. I did have friends let me know that newborn clothes will be fine for the diaper bag, so I cleared out all the other size clothes. Enjoying my time with her once she gets here.
And Anything Else: Nothing, I can really think of.

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