Sunday, July 8, 2012

Italy Part 7

Italy Part 7
On this day we had a tour of the Ufizzi Gallery.  Not one of my favorite parts of the trip. If you are interested in history and art, then this is the place for you. I, myself, am not interested in it, so it was pretty boring to me. I feel bad that I do not appreciate everything that was in the museum. Our tour guide, was very knowledgable and patient. Mike, Jo, and I sat for a lot of the tour and partly listened with our headphones. I couldn't take a lot of pictures in this museum, because there were monitors all over the place.
Now, the coolest part about this tour was we got to go down a 'secret' hallway that took us though all sorts of art and portraits. Only our group got to go...well, I'm sure other groups get to go too, but if you are just touring the museum on your own, your don't get to see this amazing hallway. It takes you across the river and then drops you off in the Piti Palace area. The secret hallway had portriats we got to see that are worth over one million dollars!!!! I don't remember how much they said this entire hallway is worth. It was incredible though!

The Market
 I forget what Elisabeth mentioned about this hog in the previous tour, but it's kinda like a wishing fountain, I think you put the coin in it's mouth...something like that.

 The Ufizzi Gallery
 Setting up for a concert later that night

 The one who defeated Madusa...for get what his name was...

 While walking across the river on the Ufizzi tour
 There was a church service going on that we could see too from the bridge.
 Piti Palace
 More Penis...

 Piti Palace
 Walking back from our tour across the 'Gold' Bridge

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