Saturday, October 23, 2010

America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration....Go Pokes

America's Greatest Homecoming!  Welcome to Oklahoma State University! 
Homecoming is one of the many proud traditions at Oklahoma State University, and perhaps one of the most widely known. Every year, thousands of OSU alumni and fans return to Stillwater, taking part in what is heralded as the biggest and best homecoming celebration in the country.

There are a number of festivities that go on  that residential and Greek life students partake in, including: Football Frenzy, Sign Competition, House Decs, "Sea of Orange Parade", Harvest Carnival, Chili Cookoff, and Pep Rally.  House Decs is by far what brings the alumni back.  Greek Houses have been working on these amazing decs for majority of the first semester.  They are outstanding!  It takes so much time and effort from everyone to get these complete.  Thursday night is ALL-NIGHT POMP.  Literally, all the Greek life stays up all night long to get the house decs completed and ready for judging in the early evening.  It like a big party.  There are supporters out with popcorn, water, hot chocolate, everyone walks around on their breaks.  So much fun.  All-Night Pomp was one of my favorite times throughout the year.

This year Mike and I did not attend Walk-Arounds.  First time in 10 years for me!! Very Big Sad Face Here!  But we did enjoy a fabulous dinner with his family to celebrate Mike's birthday.  Anywho, these are some pictures of last years walk-around and game day. Just to show you how awesome it really is!

Sidenote...Due to the Kappa Sigmas grand idea several years ago...MICRO POMPING, now everyone does it for the entire house dec pretty much.  That means you have to use a pencil to pomp the tissue paper into a chicken wire hole smaller than the size of your finger.  This means LOTS OF TIME!  But it makes it look wonderful and so detailed.
Game Day tomorrow is against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at 2:30.  Can't wait.  Let's go Cowboys!!

Mike and I...and the goobers in the back are Derek, and Jared aka Koosh!

And the Walk-Arounds Begin...yes, this is ALL tissue paper!

 Remembering the Fallen 10

OSU was on the cover of Sports Illustrated twice last year!  Go Pokes!

Pistol Pete himself!  Frank Eaton

So this is what I had to do for myself to pretend that I was at walk-arounds.  I can't wait to see all my friends pictures this year!  It is amazing and you should definately put it on your Bucket List!  America's Greatest Homecoming!

Go Cowboys Beat Nebraska!

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