Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Project 365

So here's the rest up until Monday, trying to get better.  Enjoy!

Day 110 - Fall Foliage
So, I went on a photo outing after work and ended up in West Tulsa at Camp Loughridge.  It is absolutely beautiful out there.  I wasn't real sure, if I was suppose to be driving around or not, but no one ever stopped me, so I guess it was okay.  My goal was to find pretty fall colors.  Oklahoma has yet to turn fall pretty...I'm kinda scared that we are gonna go from green to bare trees with no fall pretty!!
So as I was driving around I saw some cabins and a little bench with a view.  It's not quite the fall pretty colors I was looking for but, it was still absolutely beautiful and so peaceful.  I sat on this bench for about 20-30 minutes and just took it all in.  It was wonderful.  You know, sometimes you don't really know that you are stressed or uptight or whatever until you take time to enjoy the beauty that God blesses us with.  I felt so much better after my picture outing and didn't even know that anything was wrong! 
And to make things even better...I got to drive through my old neighborhood and see the flood house and found anther fun road that wasn't there when I lived there and saw a FOX!  or a Coyote!  It was red like a fox, but on the much bigger side, so it was probably a coyote.  But again just so cool to see God's creatures and beauty.  What a wonderful evening!
Oh the fox/coyote was too slick and sly for me to get a picture...bummer!

In this picture you can see the colors of the sun setting in the west. 

Day 109 - Shadows
This is on one of Remi and I's nightly walks...which I am needing to go do after I finish this post!  Remi was fantastic and so patient with me and all the poses and pictures I took of us.  If my neighbors saw me, they may think I'm a bit odd. :)

Day 108 - O
O is for Orange, optimism, OSU, outdoors, openness

Day 107 - L
L is for love, laughter, listening, light,

Day 106 - Y
Y is for Yankees, yes, yodling, youthfulness
(Mike said he really didn't see the Y in this he crazy or am I? haha)

Day 105 - J
J is for Jesus, joyfulness, jolly, juggling, jukeboxes

Day 104 - Silly Face
...or scary which ever you prefer.  I upped the saturation in this picture to give it a lot of color pop and contrast.

Okay so almost caught up.  Thanks so much!

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