Sunday, October 24, 2010

365 - Oct 19-24

Project 365 October 19-24
Day 116 - E
E is for Evans, Eternity, Everything, Eagles

Day 115 - D
D is for Dad, Doodling, Dogs, Daily Photos, Dinner with friends

Day 114 - Flower
So I don't have a creative title for this one...any suggestions?
Anywho, on my picture outing the other day at Tulsa Garden Center/Woodward Park, these sweet flowers caught my eye.  and the little baby butterflies were so cute too!

Day 113 - A
A is for Angels & Arrows, America, animals, airplanes

Day 112 - Smile in the Sky
I like to think that God was smiling at me today...

Day 111 - Kupcakez!!
My mom and I's favorite cupcake place in town!  Kupcakz is amazing and this is their Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing!  I do believe it is Oh My-Lanta Yummy-licious!! Kupcakz is a fun Cupcake shop in Tulsa. They have tons of flavors and all the ones I've tried are fantastic...I do believe that this is my favorite! For all you Tulsa people...definitely a top place to try!

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Mike and Stacey Huggins said...

I love all your letters! I made a frame with letters that spell our last name, but I stole all my letters from the Internet! I'm not near as creative as you!