Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Project 365

Project 365 Pictures!! 
Again, it's been so long and I am so sorry!  I'm upset with myself for not being more consistant.  But oh well.  Hope you all are doing great! Here is half of the most recent pictures with the rest of them to come tomorrow or Wednesday. 

FYI - I am starting to try and find the letters of the alphabet.  Hopefully I will be able to find all the letters and maybe even a few of the same letter.  So that is why you will be seeing letters for a while.  Not all the time, but when one comes around. 

Day 103 - S
S is for smiles, sillyness, slides...
This is one of those energy efficent light bulbs out on my back patio. 

Day 102 - Whimsical
A center-piece at a wedding I went to, I thought the candle lights and the gems were so pretty.

Day 101 - T
T is for teaching, tickling, time is family and friends...
A childrens swing on the playground by my house.

Day 100 - Something Old
A really old cash register at a wedding I went to a while ago.

Day 99 - Storyboards
This is my first attemp at a storyboard and I am loving it.  I hope to figure out other fun and creative ways to use these.  The pictures I used are some of my first shots I took when I got my new camera, and they are straight out of the camera too, because I didn't have any cool editing programs yet!

Day 98 - C
C is for caring, children, Casey, church, cuddling

Day 97 - Care Package!
I got all this in that little box! First Care Package sent to Casey while he is in Afghanistan. Hope he enjoyed the fun...water balloons and water guns, scetch pad with color pencils, letter, advil, baby wipes, magazines, yummy snacks, eye drops, and so much more. His next one was a Halloween Package! I hope he sends pictures back from that!

Day 96 - Free Hand
This is the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor symbolizing the USMC that one of my kids drew for his letter to my brother. His letter was just as awesome and thoughtful as his picture.

Day 95 - Complimentary Colors
Green and Blue on Brown...I really just love the saying and try to live by it.  If you know me, you know that I do laugh quite often and laughing is one of my favoriate things to do!

The rest to come soon!

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Marisa said...

Lil, you are so talented! I love the letters! They look amazing! Really love your storyboard as well. I've been playing with that idea too.