Saturday, July 16, 2011


Happy 4th of July!!  This is my favorite holiday!!!  Growing up we went to the lake and my dad and grandpa were the biggest kids of all.  I love watching fireworks and I love celebrating my freedom and my country.  GO USA!!
Mike and I had friends over on Sunday and we ate, drank, played horseshoes, some played beer pong, and lots of laughs and catching up with buddies.  Some also brought their doggies over, so Remi had some friends to play with.
I had to work on the 4th, only a half day, and went to see mom and dad.  We had dinner with them and started watching the New York fireworks, so we were planning on going to Riverparks to watch the Tulsa fireworks.  We ended up testing out Mike's new tailgate on his new ride and hung out in the driveway watching the great show our neighbors put on.  Here are some of the fireworks.

Yes, the cops come...they do every year, and our neighbor gets out of the ticket every time, because he is 'in the missile club' according to the neighbor boy. :) He works for the department of missile defense, so the cops always let him off.  So the show continued...

These were new this year to me...they were lanterns or mini hot air balloons.  So cool!


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