Sunday, July 24, 2011

Project 365

So close, I am seeing the end of the tunnel!
Hope you enjoy!

Day 356 - Cowboy Baby!
OSU Gear for a new future Cowboy Fan!

Day 355 - Motherly Love
My friend Jessica and her new bundle of Joy!  Mr. C! 

Day 354 - Zucchini
One of our first pickin's from our garden!  It was huge! 

Day 353 - Bachelorette Buddy System
Celebrated with Camryn at her bachelorette party and we had these great glow in the dark jewels...we said we would use them to find each other or to tag the 'creepers' at the clubs...thankfully I didn't have any creepers that night :) 

Day 352 - It's A Girl!
For my Bestest Friend, Amy.  We had a baby shower for her and had yummilicious cupcakes to celebrate. 

Day 351 - Jumper!
This poor baby fell out of his nest and was hopping around the front yard.  Remi was very interested, but was able to contain herself and leave this little guy alone.  I couldn't find the nest to put him back in, but he made his way to my neighbors garden area, so we are crossing our fingers he's fine. 

Day 350 - Beach Scene!
This is part of what I think of when I think of the beach. I love the beach! 

Day 349 - We have Produce!!
Our first pickin!  Isn't it a beauty! 

Day 348 - Us
At Tim and Sarah's Wedding, celebrating the night away. 

Day 347 - Best Friends
Mike and Derek earlier in the evening during the reception for Tim and Sarah. 

Day 346 - Cake Balls
I loved those yummy white chocolate 'B's'.  When the party was over, I went around to all the table and took the 'b's' off to not let them go to waste! 

Day 345 - Beach Side Bar
Love all the Colors! 

Also at the Beach Side Bar. 

Day 344 - Me and Mike
At the rehearsal dinner. 

Day 343 - Sunset Portrait
So, I didn't really realize how many pictures I had of Mike and I, he REALLY REALLY Dislikes taking don't tell  him I have so many! 

Day 342 - Do get too far off your Rocker! 

Day 341 - Stuffed Bell Pepper
This is a cheat...I took this some time ago and put in the 365 file, but never used it. So here it is now. 

Day 340 - Special Visitor!
Casey came home!!  It was a surprise visit AND just so happened to be when I was in Alaska and Florida!  Thankfully he was here for quite a while, so I was still able to spend some time with him. This is him and Sara, his wife.  

Day 339 - I love my Brother!

Day 338-334
COMING SOON, Saved for Alaska will I only pick 5?!

Day 333 - Alaskan Waterfall
Julie and I in Alaska.  We stopped on the side of the road and then we up a little trail and this is what we found.  They have trails all over the place up there. 

Day 332 - Atop the Mountain
Alyeska Resort and Mountain top with Peggy.  So glorious! 

Day 331 - Mt. McKinley!
One of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen!  We are at Earthquake Park in this picture, which is about 4-5 hours away from Denali National Park where Mt. McKinley is!! 

Day 330 - Northern Lights from the Plane!

Day 329 - Remi's Picnic
I was getting my stuff together to enjoy some sun and when I came back out, Remi had definitely made herself at home! 

Day 328 - Little Friend
A teeninesy little spider, this is with the reverse Macro lens. 

Day 327 - Storm Chaser!
I love lightening pictures and I was so pumped when I got this awesome shot.  It takes so much patience to do lightening pictures, but so worth it! 

Day 326 - A long Road
Where is your road taking you? 

Day 325 - Country Sunset
I'm not really in the county...just across from my neighborhood...but it looks like the country to me! 

Day 324 - I HEART YOU!
One of the leaves from a plant I have on the patio, taken with reverse Macro lens.  

Day 323 - Pansies!
Before Mike finally pulled them!  We had them forever, they never died, even in the massive snow storm we had.  In fact they looked so much better than when we planted them. I wouldn't let Mike pull them for a long time and he said we were gonna be the only people in town still with pansies.   

Whew!  Almost have them all up and going!!  I have started to create my 365 digital book.  It won't be here by my birthday,which is fine, I'm just so excited to see it when it is done.  Thanks for following along!  Hopefully will have the last 15 or so up soon!

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