Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kite Festival 2011

Okay, I am so so so far behind with pictures.  I only have a small small smidgen done from my Alaska Trip, but those are on the list to work on this weekend.  I'm also trying to get all my Project 365 pictures organized to post too....I finished the project the end of June!!  I can't believe it and I am so excited to get all of them posted and get my book made.
It's super steamy here in Oklahoma with no rain in sight!  I always worry about Mike working out in this heat.  It's been over 100 most days this week and there is no end to the madness according to the weather men.  It's times like now that I REALLY wish I was back in Alaska with the beautiful 60-70 degree highs for the entire summer! 
So, in celebration of the summer, here are some pictures I took at the Kite Festival.  Mom and I were out and about a few weekends back and I saw some huge kites.  So we followed the kites and found the Kite Festival 2011.  I didn't even know we had a Kite Festival, but it was so fun and we saw some very cool kites.  These people are wild about their kites too, I mean car loads and trunk loads full of kite and kite equipment.
They also had a children's place where they could make their own kites and fly them, that was fun to see what the young creative minds came up with.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and have great weekend.  For those of you in Oklahoma, stay cool!!

These little girls were so cute and loved playing with the tail on the kite.

Mom loved these Kite Men

Kite Festival 2011, I look forward to the one next year!

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