Saturday, July 16, 2011

Project 365 Days 300-322

Project 365!!!
I am officially finished with my project, it's just taken a long time to get them posted.  So here are some, with the rest to come soon!

Day 322 - New Bed
Not really, I bought this cute basket to do some newborn shots, I had it on the table and the next thing I know...Nellie has claimed it.

Day 321 - Cacti
I never knew Cacti could be so colorful! 

Day 320 - Kite Festival 2011 

Day 319 - Full Bloom
One of my neighbors rose bushes. 

Day 318 - Love Bird
Hanging out at Southern Ag, and these Loves Birds were so sweet.  The other bird was a little camera shy, but this sweetheart loved the camera! 

Day 317 - Macro Flower
Going with the Reverse Macro Lens again on some flowers I gave my Mom for Mothers Day

Day 316 - Pollen
This reminds me of Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  Taken with the Reverse Macro Lens. 

Day 315 - Beans!!
The bean plants in our garden, baby lettuce to the right. 

Day 314 - Scentsey Warmer
A new warmer I got for the kitchen, it is the perfect color and makes our kitchen smell lovely! 

Day 313 - Three Generations
Mom, Me, and Granny 

Day 312 - Marine Family
Me, Mom, and Deidra.  We met Deidra through the Marine Family Forum while her son, Derek, and Casey were at Bootcamp.  They were best buddies while at bootcamp.  It was great to finally meet Deidra and the rest of Derek's family in San Diego.  Derek and Casey were both deployed to Afghanistan and when Derek returned his family went to welcome him home.  On their way back to Illinois, they stopped through Tulsa and we went to breakfast and were able to catch up.  So great to see you Deidra!!

Day 311 - Old School Checkers 

Day 310 - Kentucky Derby! 

Day 309 - Rings
Stopped on Riverside today and tried to count as many tree rings as a could...too many!

Day 308 - Spring Basket!
So excited to get my flower baskets and beds ready for the spring and summer! 

Day 307 - Riverside Bike/Walking Trail at dusk. 

Day 306 - What a View!
Driving through one of my favorite areas behind Jones Airport with the Panoramic Sunroof open!  What a glorious day! 

Day 305 - Growing Garden
My Garden growing and Remi watching over it!

Day 304 - Spouts!
Baby Bean Sprouts! 

Day 303 - Thanks Baby!
Mom and I hosted a baby shower for Amy and her 'bun in the oven', Kate.  I got these custom Thank You cards for her.  

Day 302 - Dusk
Driving behind the airport and got this great view of the sun setting, crescent moon, and the treeline silhouette.  

Day 301 - Eagle
Not a great picture, but as I was driving, I saw this eagle land in the tree.  Along this area, there are several Eagle Nests.  

Day 300 - SMASH!!
Smash for 300 days and Smash for Smash Burger!  I love this place! 

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