Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedding Season

Tis the Season for Love in the Air! 
This year has been a big year for some of our friends, they are gettin hitched!  Mike and I headed to Florida the middle of June.  Tim, one of Mike's long time friends, was married to his best friend, Sarah.  We had so much fun hanging out and we got to spend time with Mike's parents too!  They live in Florida, so we stayed with them for the weekend.  It was a beautiful wedding and very intimate, we felt so blessed to be a part of it. 
We attended the Rehearsal Dinner and then went out to a favorite hang out of Tim and Sarah's...I was a little 'overserved' that night :).  It was so much fun!  Pretty sure I cried to Mike's mom too!  haha!  We headed home late that night and I slept in on Saturday...Mike and Derek headed to hang out with Tim on Saturday at the beach before his nuptials...I continued to sleep for most the day, it was great!
Headed to the ceremony and then to the reception at a hotel on the was gorgeous.  They had a fantastic cocktail hour, dinner and dancing, and then we all hung out at the hotel pool and bar the rest of the night.  Mike raced the hotel security officer, he was 'overserved' this night :)
Anywho, it was great weekend getaway and so fun to spend time with Rick and Mel and go to the wedding. Here are some pictures from that weekend.

Mike and I at the Rehearsal Dinner

After the Rehearsal, at the Waterfront Bar...Tim and Sarah favorite hangout. I loved getting to be barefoot in the sand and enjoy my drinks.

I loved all the colorful chairs, umbrellas, and lights at the bar.  So festive...I wish my backyard looked like this!
Our view at the cocktail hour...the classic beach picture! 

Some of the yummies!  The 'B' was sooo tasty!  I took them off all the uneaten cakeballs.

Mike and Derek-Best Friends!  Derek will be getting married soon too!  Yay!

Me and the Boys

The Groom and his Groomsmen

Me and Derek
The Boys being silly.

Mike holding his first little girl!  It melted my heart!  I can't wait till we have some of our own.  Little Miss K was so sweet and a great sport all night.  She snuggled her head on Mike shoulder and it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

Derek and Little Miss K

Me and My Hubby!  I love this man so much!

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