Monday, August 22, 2011

Alaska Part 2

Alaska Part 2!!
I have been editing away on my crazy amounts of Alaska pictures!  I really can't believe I took so many...and so many are just duplicates.  But I have some really great keepers.  After this post I will be sharing some of the cutest pictures of know of Mr. Jackson.  My number one picture taking fan!

So here we are, amongst one of the thousands Alaskan trails that you can find everywhere! What a beautiful water scene.

 The Pigg and Smith Family
 The Smith Family
 Me and Julie
 Me with a Moose
 The Downtown Market Festival...I think it goes on every Saturday.  So fun!
 Luke and I shared Funnel Cake!  Oh so Yummy!
Peggy, Ken, Luke and I went King Salmon fishing along the river, somewhere past Willow, AK. It was absolutely perfect weather.  Thankfully for that, cause we never even got a bite!  Boo Hiss.  But it was glorious to be out on the water and enjoying the freshest air ever!

 On some places on the River, it was so clear and still. I love the reflection I was able to get.
 Our King Salmon bait--Pretty Hot Pink!

 We drove up/down (I don't remember my directions) to Seward for a Wildlife Day Cruise.  So amazing and more pictures to come from that soon.  But this was the Bay.
 Part of the itsy-bitsy town of Seward.
 On the cruise...somewhere on that mountain, there is a glacier.
Welp, there's Part 2, more to come soon!  And Julie, I promise I am getting those pictures on CD to you ASAP.

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