Monday, August 22, 2011

Alaska Part 2.5~Jackson Portraits

While in Alaska, majority of my pictures are of this Sweet Little Man!  He loves the camera and the camera LOVES him!  Julie and I were out and about and we went to a 'Toddler Park', I think is what she called it.  Jackson loves the park, but most importantly loves the swing.  Here are some of the shots I got.  I also adore his little Superman Shirt!

 Remember about loving the swing?  He kept his eyes on it the whole time if it was in sight.  These little girls hogged the swing forever until finally Julie, kindly asked their mom if they would share.

 This swing still isn't good enough...
 Ohhh, Twigs!

 Gettin some protein...
 And we've finally made it to the swing!

 Momma and J

Mr. Jackson was 8.5 months old when I got to go visit.  I just love this little bundle of joy! 

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ME :) said...

In LOVE with this little man.. he is too cute!!! Great job on the pics :) Miss date soon!!!