Thursday, August 4, 2011

This is how I felt driving home today! 

I normally work til later in the evening 6:30ish or so.  So today I was super excited to get off work early, 5:00!  Now I remember why I work late!  Now, Oklahoma is just wonderful to ALWAYS have construction EVERYWHERE in the state.  So, I have to take a slight detour down Southwest Blvd in order to get on the highway.  Well at a stop light, which I'm already past, but traffic has us not moving, I wave a car through to get in front of me, that's the right thing to do, right?
Well, this jackass decides he's gonna go too!!  As I'm moving forward, he just keeps going...I slam my brakes (not too hard, we weren't going but idle speed) and lay on the horn.  He continues to weave his way in front of me and NEVER even waves!!  I tell ya, the crazies and jackasses really come out at 5:00. 
Then he was even more of a jack-wad as he was turning right to get on the highway, he has a red light and a big ol' truck, who has a green light, is making a LEGAL U-turn, jackwad almost runs in to him and is layin on his horn as if he is so much more important. 
I can't stand mean drivers! 
Oh, did I mention, the jackwad, he's a 'gooner'.

On a lighter note...Casey is home!  He's doing recruiters assistance, so if your interested in signin' up, go talk to him!  He's hopefully going to be home til October, when he will be reassigned to North Carolina.  So excited to have him home!
Also, we are patiently waiting for the arrival of Peanut, (my best friends baby girl) I'm so excited to meet her.  She's due on the 9th, but we really want her to come before that!  Yay for baby girls!


Oh, the kitty, looks identical to Nellie!

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Life With Lauren said...

The picture made me laugh I really needed that today. Thank you!