Monday, August 1, 2011

Kids Do the Darndest Things!

I really meant to share this last week, but never got around to it.  At work the other day, myself and some other staff were talking in the hallway on the unit and the kids were on their 'porches'-sitting by their room door.  So this little guy, that I really would bring home with me if Mike would let, me comes walking up to where we were talking and says to a staff member, while holding his little arm up as far as he could to show him he had...
(In a high pitched 5 year old little sweet boy voice)
"Mr. Duwayne, why was this floating in my toilet?"

Ha!  They say and do the craziest things!  Thankfully it wasn't a little turd, but we don't know if it was a before or after flush pull....  : /

Hope you all had a great weekend! I did and hope to share later...I am working on some more Alaska Pictures and also hope to have those posted tonight.

Happy Monday!

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Abby said...

That is too stinkin' funny! I love it when kids say silly things like that!