Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby K!!

Here are some of the sweet pictures that Baby K let me take of her last week.  She was 5 days little and cute and just perfect...still :)  Mommy Ames and Daddy Eric are doing great and are going to be wonderful parents.  Enjoy!

a glimpse of what her nursery looks like~~Adorable!

 Big Brother Boone loves his itty-bitty bit.

 Amy gave me this really cute lime green box as a 'Baby Hope Box' for my birthday for me to put some fun things in it for a future little one of our own and some fun mommy isn't perfect, that I put a baby in it!

 Is this just not the cutest little Bum ever?!

Thank you so much Baby K for letting me take pictures of you.  Your mommy and daddy are very special to me and I love you so much!  Love, 'Aunt' Kelly

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