Monday, November 1, 2010

Epiphanie Bag Giveaway!!

I'm not giving it away....I'm trying to win the giveaway!!  Pamela Topping is doing a giveaway for the oh-so-beautiful Epiphanie Bag! I have had my eye on these for a very long time...basically since I bought my camera.  But they do have a nice price tag to them, and I'm just not ready to spend the moolah yet....hence entering the giveaway.  I've always liked their Lola Bag, I love the color and the best part is, it just looks like a great trendy purse!  But they now have a couple of new ones I see that I like too! Let's see if I get it!!  Keep your fingers crossed.  And for all you fabulous ladies out their that love photography too and need a gorgeous bag, enter here.

Happy Monday!

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