Monday, September 20, 2010

In the Middle of No Where!

So, the pictures are back, blogger has a new system, so I'm still getting use to it.  I like that the pictures are bigger.  Anywho, these are some pictures from what I saw on my trip to Borger to meet that little cutie, Jackson.

HUGE and I mean Triple HUGE wind turbines.  I was making my way through the lovely plains of west Oklahoma and about had a wreck because of these things!  They are enormous and I couldn't keep my eyes off them.  So, of course I pull over on a busy highway and get some pictures.  I have actually seen some of these things being transferred through Tulsa.  I can't get my point across that they are HUGE!!!

In Amarillo, there is one of the Top Road Side Attractions...the Cadillac Ranch!  I don't know who had the bright idea of burying old Cadillac's half in the ground, but I'm glad they did!  Very fun pictures...this one might be my favorite due to what you will see next...

Yes, this child is on top of the car getting his graffiti on!

And my own Graffiti!
Wheat, I think...
Wide Open Spaces!

Are you seeing Double?  I saw a 'vivid and bright double rainbow' on my way back from Texas.  I took Route 66 for most the way and it was so fun to stop in all the little towns I've never heard of before. 

Well, of course my favorites are of Jackson, but hopefully you enjoyed my little tour of West Oklahoma and Texas.  As I was driving out there...I kept thinkin, I could so be a little Country Cowgirl, but Mike is too city, so we'll never live in the country (I probably am too, but I'd love to think that I could go rope me some cattle or something!)  It was a beautiful drive and I was really surprised at how beautiful it was.

Project 365 will be up soon...and you'll probably see some repeats from my trip.

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