Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project 365 Auguest 31-September 8

Project 365 - 20% Complete...I have to admit though, I have kinda cheated the past 10 days or so, you'll be able to tell with all the OSU pictures. But you gotta share the good ones. Enjoy!

Day 70 - Sports Action!
And the Season has officially begun!! I can completely feel the action of the players and the fans in this one. I especially like how the far 2-3 seem to really pop in the picture.

Day 69 - New Hobby
Most of you know, I started swimming very early in the morning and I am loving it...Remi is helping me show off my new goggles. I just love this picture!

Day 68 - Give a Little and They Tear it UP!
Torn: Little Miss Remi has recently lost her staying inside by herself privileges because this is what we have found recently...
Shredded Important Papers
Shredded Check Book
Mangled Colored Pencils
Chewed Up and Shredded Old Navy Flip-Flop
She's very very lucky that it hasn't been anything TOO important. I guess we'll keep her around, but only in the crate or outside for a while.
I like the angle of this one but the second one, you can really get the idea of what she likes :)

Day 67 - Framed Picture
Framed in the Touchdown! Way to go Kendall Hunter! Final Score for the opener OSU 65 - Washington State 17.

Day 66 - Go Pokes!!
Pistol Pete gets the crowd going at the Season Opener for Oklahoma State University. You'll probably be seeing alot of of OSU these next few months! Go Cowboys!!

Day 65 - Weather
Sunny with some clouds. I'm not 100% happy with this photo, would've liked to see more sun rays and more depth maybe...something. But I do think it is gorgeous. Clouds like this with the sun shinning through always makes me think of our Gracious Creator, reminding us that He's always there for us, even if we might be hiding for Him.

Day 64 - Leaving on a Jet Plane
Getting Casey off on the "Big Metal Bird" as he has called it before, back to Japan and then on to Afghanistan in the next month. His visit was great...too short, but we look forward to his homecoming in June/July 2011. Prayers for Casey and all of our Military Men and Women who so bravely protect you and me.

Day 63 - Yikes! Spider!
Yellow Spider....that's gotta be bad right? He was sitting next to me on my parents back patio. So I of course go and grab the picture taker and snap away. I am really mad at myself, because I accidentally deleted the best picture of him...but this is the next best. I also like the detail of the web.

Day 62 - Indoor Waterfall
This is from the Oklahoma Aquarium, the turtle exhibit, from my High School Reunion. I like how you can see the water actually falling.
Hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend...I will be visiting my dear friend Julie and Luke and thier new son Jackson, in Borger, TX this weekend. Hopefully Mr. Jackson likes the camera as much as I do!

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Jessica H said...

Cute pics, Kelly! Love the spider one... great details! Also, I love all the OSU love goin' on in this week's post. :) Go Pokes!