Sunday, September 26, 2010

Project 365 - September 26th

Project 365, I'm officially 25% complete!!  Wow, I really can't believe it!
Day 88 - Things We Read
Stack of books or magazines...I chose both to represent the things Mike and I read. These are some of my favorites...the Bible-although, I wish I would read it more often, Just about anything by Nicholas Sparks, The Last Lecture by Randy Pauch, (funny story...this book was fantastic!  But it made me cry like a baby EVERY single time I opened the book, anyway, the last night that I finished the book, I cried so hard and so much that my eyes and face were still swollen the next day and people at work asked if I was okay!  So I guess not really that funny, but I make myself laugh!)and Water Dog. 

These are Mikes favorite reads...Anything Sports Illustrated.  We keep a lot of them.  When we actually do something with the office, I hope to use some of the favorite covers to frame and hang on the walls.  Some of the covers included today are Oklahoma State, Yankees, Josh Johnson with the Florida Marlins, Olympics, March Madness, and others. I enjoy looking at the pictures and I read a few of the articles, but not many.

So, I had a fun, and yet again way to short weekend. 
Friday, Cleaned the scary messy kitchen. Tiff called seeing if anyone wanted to do dinner so we, Me, Tiff, Jen, Alayna, and her husband Michael...we have yet to get all of our husbands together, but when we do, it will be disasterous...they are all Mikes!... met up at Full Moon and enjoyed sitting out on the patio and the beautiful weather.  Then Michael bailed on us and the girls headed to The Hunt Club, which I took pictures at back in August.  Enjoyed a few drinks and headed home.

Saturday, I went to find Pansies and Violas to transform our front flower bed from summer to FALL!!  So, Mom came with me and we, of course, hit our favorite hot spot, Marshalls, found some goodies there.  Then I had a $25 certifiacte to Best Buy, so I found a new Camera Bag...Felt bad, casue Mike didn't get anything, grabbed some lunch at Smash Burger, and then headed home.  Mike met up with some friends at Elm Street, but I was just too tired to go, so that's how I got caught up on all my Project 365 pictures.

Sunday, slept in, picked up a little, opened the windows and turned off the A/C, got all my pretties planted in the flower bed and pots while I jammed to Tom Petty, Amy came by to visit for a while, made a yummy pot of beans and cornbread and had mom and dad over, and enjoyed watching the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees win!  What a great weekend!

Hope you all had a good one and have a great up-coming week.  I'm excited to see Julie, Luke, and Jackson before they leave and watch the OSU/A&M Game on Thursday and enjoying some Fall weather!!

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