Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

Tidbit Tuesday September 14th
~ Today is my Mom's Birthday! She is one of the most amazing women I know. She gives her whole heart to her family and has become not only mom, but one of my best friends. I love you so much mom!

~ So, for Mom's birthday, I cooked! It's been a while...1.) Mike and I's schedules don't always work out to great for cooking and 2.) I've just been lazy.
So we had some delicious shrimp pasta that you bake in the oven...Thank you Pioneer Woman!

~ I am playing in a volleyball tourney with my work this weekend, so we practiced yesterday, and I am embarrassed to say that the thing that hurts the worst is my thumb/hand area! I even have a bruise!!


http://www.theundomesticmomma.com/ I don't know how to make the picture link work to her blog so here is the web link.

I saw this on another blog I follow periodically and thought it fit in well with my Tidbit Tuesdays...so here are my two things I would like to accomplish before the end of the year...

1.) Make a budget and stick to it. I may have to get out my little envelopes that my friend always talks about. It seems to work for her and her hubby, so I'm thinkin I will try it. Some things I'd like to save for is photography, a new truck for Mike, travel time (I'm really wanting to go to Alaska to see Julie and Luke!), a dining table, and maybe some baby stuff...maybe. :) Just to clear the air...no, not pregnant and no, not trying, yet.

2.) Be more physically active. I have started swimming and have been doing well with it. Hopefully, I will stick with it. I can go walking with Remi. And it would be fun to continue playing some volleyball...so maybe co-workers will want to play too!


Brianna! said...

Good LUCK with your accomplishments
Living an active lifestyle is something EVERYONE should do.
I need to work on that too.

Emma said...

Hi there! Found you via Top 2 Tuesday. It seems like a lot of us have the goal of working out/being healthier/being active! Also, I love the name Remi - so cute!

Stephanie said...

Great picks!

ME :) said...

Love this! Keep up the great work :)