Sunday, September 26, 2010

Project 365 A LOT OF THEM!!

Alright! Here we go...Lots of pictures for my 365 Project.  I have been busy and lazy at the same time and that is why there are so many pictures for this post. Some of these you may have already seen from my Texas Trip, but they are apart of my project.  Enjoy!

Day 71 - Graffiti!!
Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.  I graffitied my name too!  Very fun road side attraction! 

Day 72 - One Day Old!
Mr. Jackson!  One Day Old and just precious!  Can't wait to see him again, next week.

Day 73 - The Newest Lil Cowboy Fan
Jackson got to come home from the hospital on Game Day, so thankfully Mom and Dad decked him out in Oklahoma State Gear!  Go Pokes!

Day 74 - Seeing Double?
On my way home from Texas, I saw this double rainbow, so I stopped to enjoy and get some pictures.  The brighter one was almost a full rainbow across the sky!  This also reminded me of the Double Rainbow Song on You Tube.  Check it out here...

Day 75 - Wind Turbines

Day 76 - Tiny Toes!

Day 77 - Road to Where?
Have you ever felt like this? I just think it's beautiful that God paves the road for us, but also gives us the choice to make our decisions in his will.

Day 78 - Wind Mill
Saw tons of these on my journey to the middle of no where!  I liked the colors in the sky and the metallic look for the wind mill.

Day 79 - Menus
Went to Baker's Street Pub and Grill for a friends birthday and I liked the way the menu looked so of course I took a picture.

Day 80 - Sand Volleyball!!
Had a volleyball tourney with friends from work....we weren't good at all and didn't win game we played....but we had so much fun!  This is my team...Greg, Jessica, Ruth, Coach Daniel, me, Wicket (our Mascot), and Erin
 This is the actual picture I used for the project...

Day 81 - Breakfast!
Egg in a Hole, thanks to Pioneer Woman!  Very Tasty!

Day 82 - Early Morning Moon
This is what a came home to after my Early Morning (5am) Swim, so I pulled out the tripod and snapped away.  I liked this one because of the clouds, it reminded me of Halloween.

Day 83 - Creepy Crawler
This little guy has done a lot of damage and ticked me off!  He is a Horned Worm, not a nice guy, they eat all the leaves off your shrubs and really make ya mad!  You can't see it on him, but he has a horn on his rear end, that is used a defense mechanism because it looks like it could be his head.  It's not, you can see his little creepy crawler hands in this picture.  I didn't kill him, but I did relocate him and sprayed the shrubs, so hopefully he won't come back!

Day 84 - The Love from a Child
This is Mollee, meeting her New Cousin, Jackson, for the first time. I love the emotion in this picture!

Day 85 - No Title Yet (Any ideas?)
I just can't think of a fun title for this one. This little calf was very interested at a distance of the camera. I was taking pictures of some of the other animals, and he stared at me the whole time moving from here to there. So once he got out in some fun yellow flowers he got his turn!

Day 86 - Embrace the Camera
Embrace the Camera is something I found on a blog I follow that promotes you giving the camera to someone else so YOU the photographer can make it in a picture or two!

Mike and I at a wedding.

Day 87 - Do Ya Think My Tractor's Sexy?!
This is one super old....well it looked super old to me....out on the farm.  I'm tellin ya, I could be a little country girl!

Yay for Project 365!

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Jessica H said...

Love all the photos! My favorites are the ones of the moon and tractor!