Thursday, March 15, 2012

21 Weeks!

Sorry for both, I felt the first showed my belly better, but I liked my face in the second one better, and please excuse the mess of the hair, I'm tired and pregnant :)

How far along: 21 Weeks and some!!
We have a Spaghetti Squash! About 8 inches and a Heavy Weight at 1 Pound!!!

What I've Learned from What to Expect: She's developing a sense of touch and is starting to grip things the umbilical cord (maybe that's why I still have an innie :) ) And I guess she can now tell the difference between light and dark, I guess I should start shining a flashlight on my belly sometime...they said they actually react to that! Oh and she's getting more hair, has eyelashes, hopefully like her daddy's and eyebrows, hopefully not a bushy as her mommy's are right now!

Total weight gain/loss: Welp, last week I thought it was a 1/2 pound, but I'm back down again, so no weight gain!

Maternity clothes: I said I could still wear most my regular shirts last week, so this week I put on a shirt that I had worn last week and my belly was hanging out the bottom!!  The OSU shirt I have on in the pic is one of my favorites and I will be really sad if my belly hangs out the bottom of it soon.

Stretch marks: No new ones.

Sleep: Good, but I'm staying up super late. I wish I would go to bed, because I am usually tired, but I'd like to spend some time with Mike in the evenings and I've been on my Hunger Games kick and been a mad reading machine! I get short of breath around the night time though...weird, cause I don't really notice it during the day.

Best moment this week: LOTS!!
We had our Anatomy Scan this week!! It was absolutely amazing!! I don't know how long they've been doing these, but they measure just about everything!! We got to see her sweet little heart beating, and all the chambers. We saw her brain, stomach, I think kidneys, her blood flow, eye lens, her lips, fingers, and toes. Probably more and I just can't remember. It was so cool. And even cooler because as I was waiting in the waiting room, I heard my name called and looked up and saw a friend from high school and college, Taylor! I was so excited to see her and she was the one that did the ultra sound. She was so sweet and told us everything we were looking at and printed pictures off for us, which I meant to share on this post but will have to do it later. Thank you soo soo much Taylor!

I mentioned receiving the bedding and some nursery decor last week. Mike and I put the crib together, so we actually have a real looking nursery and it is adorable!! Very bright with just about every color. I will share the nursery in a later post, but here is a little peek...

I have wanted to buy things so bad since I found out she was a girl!  But I have been able to control myself and not buy all the cutest little clothes. And thankfully I did, I know I will eventually buy her some clothes, but a great friend had a sweet little girl almost 3 years ago! So, Sweet Siler has passed her adorable little clothes on to Little Bit! She always had the cutest things, we have everything from preemie to 18 months, with boots, sandals, hats, OSU gear. We got it all! Woo Hoo! So since I have held off in buying clothes, I did buy her her first Bible Stories to read to her. We have the Story of Jesus, the Story of Moses, Adam and Eve, and Noah's Ark. I also got her the Dr. Suess book, Oh Baby the Places You'll Go a while back.

It's also been so great actually having her room put together. We have our office chair in there now, to see if a glider would fit, so I go in there and just sit and read her new stories to her. Remi and Nellie usually come in and lay at my feet while I read. I'm so looking forward to her actually being here and getting to do the same thing!

I have some family and friends that are throwing us some Baby Showers, I'm so excited. Mike and I have planned to register this weekend. I sent out a FB message and got tons and tons of great feedback and ideas. I appreciated all the help. Now I will just have to see what we actually go for!

I was really hoping for some more movement, but I don't think anything yet.

Miss Anything: Still a Dr. Pepper...weird!

Movement: I haven't felt anything since that one questionable movement...or I still just haven't associated anything with her moving.

Food cravings: ICE CREAM!!  I've been dying for my homemade vanilla (Blue Bell, not my own) ice cream with chocolate syrup. But I will usually eat dinner and get to full, so I don't have it. Yesterday I specifically had a very small serving for dinner and went on a walk with Remi and I still felt too full to have it. I even contemplated just having it anyway and being miserable!  But I didn't. So tonight when I got home, I was thinking of what I could have for dinner so I could have my ice cream. So instead, I opted out of dinner and had my ice cream instead!! It was more amazing than ever!! Now I'm getting a little hungry, I still don't know what I will have for dinner, but I will find me something...maybe some Nutella!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, not really.

Have you started to show yet: Yes and the kiddos at work are really starting to ask, before when they'd ask, "Ms. Kelly are you pregnant, your tummy getting big." I had answered in the past, "I don't know" and just smile. Well it is very apparent now. Well one of the Adolescents, that I don't know, came up to me and in a really kinda creepy way, (a kinda weird shriek) "Can I touch your baby?!" I know I couldn't hide my reaction very well and said "what" she did it again and I told her I didn't have a baby yet to be touched. She then shrieked, Oh can I touch your belly? And I quickly said No. She wondered why and begged. So I told her I didn't even know her and she needed to practice positive social boundaries!  Too harsh?? I think not.

Labor Signs: Nope.

Belly Button in or out: Innie

Pregnancy Symptom: Boobs still getting bigger. Lots of Back Pain. My nails are growing like crazy!! Legs are cramping. Wanting to nest. Peeing all the time! Difficulty breathing sometimes. Pregnancy Brain has started to TAKE OVER!! It's awful, I am forgetting things all the time!!

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, Tired, but a-goin!...

Looking forward to: Feeling LB move, registering, starting to have showers, and brainstorming names!

Oh and Happy March Madness!!

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kelsie fennell said...

Ah you are so precious! I have a favorite children's Bible that I read from a lot as well that I think you'll love--The Jesus Storybook Bible. It's beautifully written and has great illustrations!