Sunday, March 11, 2012

Little of This...

So lately, all my post are just about Little Bit, which is so much fun!  At first they were all about my pictures...I've never really thought of myself as someone who writes well. But I am wanting to try to write more. I read some of my fellow blogger posts and just love reading what they have to say, even if it really isn't much. I guess I just figure not too many people really care too we will see how it goes, a lot of the problem is my time.  Once I'm home, I don't want to do much. More than likely, most of what I do write about will be about Little Bit and preparing for our growing family, so I will try not to repeat myself in my weekly updates. So...

We have been super busy, especially Mike, he is in full swing with baseball now. He coaches the Junior varsity and then helps out with Varsity when JV doesn't have a game. His Lawn and Landscape Business is starting to take off too this coming week with clean ups and getting ready for Spring! Woo Hoo!! So, I will become what I call 'The Married-Single Girl' very soon. It's rough being a coaches wife. I have a love/hate relationship with Baseball. I love that Mike is getting to do what he loves and make a difference in young players lives (he may not think so, but I know he does), I also loves his passion and commitment he puts into baseball---part of the reason, why I would just love for him to have a 'little Mike' running around someday, not that the future 'little Kelly' can't play ball with daddy. I don't love the time it takes away from me though, yes, I may get a little on the 'crazy' side when I don't get to see my love. I do feel that I have done better each year with dealing with this 'hate' though. My goal this season, is to remember my 'loves' for being a coaches wife and knowing that Mike is loving it too. I hope to be more involved in attending games when I can...that is if Mike will let seems the few games I did go to, they lost, and Mike is pretty superstitious and may tell me to stay at home if they keep losing when I attend :)  I hope to be more patient when he isn't home or has to come home late. I hope that this 'free time' for me, I use as an opportunity to prepare more for Little Bit or become more involved in walking or a community service project.

Work for me, has it's ups and downs. I still love everything about Therapeutic Recreation and the impact I know it has for the kiddos, but there have been a gazillion new changes in the past few months at work and it just seems to be SOOOO overwhelming. I can't tell if it's so overwhelming because I'm pregnant and more emotional, or if the changes are just that overwhelming. I feel that I would defiantly feel the same way not being pregnant.  Sometimes I think about going back to school, I'd love to be a Vet, but I just don't really want to start over completely, and I think I would have to do that for Vet School. Just not very practical at this point in my life.

In my free time, I have been reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I'm a little behind the times with this Amazing read. I tried starting it when I went to Italy on a Kindle (a friend let me borrow it) and I just couldn't ever get into it...I would say mainly because I was so dang excited about going to Italy!  But I also realized I'm not a Kindle type of person.  I don't read too often, and when I do, I see the book as a trophy, I don't get that with a Kindle. I also love to be able to mark my page and see how far I have gone in the book, or see I only have two more pages of a chapter. I'm a very visual person! 
So, I got back from Italy and still really wanted to read it and I saw the trailer for the movie.  So I tried to start it again. It took me a little while to get into, and typically if a book doesn't get me in the first few pages, I'm done.  But I kept trying and now, I am obsessed. I've been staying up soooo late reading. I'm to Part Three!  Only about a 100 pages left. I may finish it tonight, so I'm kinda hoping for more rain :)  I am so excited for the movie to come out March 23!  This is a fabulous book, even though it took me a while to get into it. But I can almost guarantee, that if I was able to get into it and your not a reader, you will defiantly enjoy this one. I told Mike today that I really think this is one of my favorite reads. 

I have also signed up for the 2012 American Heart Walk again this year. Last year I raised over $600 for the American Heart Association. I will be doing a post for the Heart Walk very soon.

Well, I think that's it for now, I will be doing a Weekly Update tonight even though its almost a week late! My belly is really really starting to stick out there! Little Girl is growing! So with that I will leave you with this picture...

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