Saturday, December 18, 2010


Almost caught up!!

Day 158 - Chain
I was out and about by Riverside enjoying the ducks swimming by and shot this.

Day 157 - A

Day 156 - H

 Day 155 - G

Day 154 - These Boots were made for...
These are Kira's Awesome Pink Boots she wore for her birthday party...I love Cowboy Princess's!!

Day 153 - W

Day 152 - Licensed Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
After many years of the Therapeutic Recreation Profession talking about it,and getting it going, it took several long months to get our Bill for Licensure approved.  We officially became a licensed profession November 1, 2010.  The middle of November we got our licensure card.  So, now I get to sign CTRS/L!

Day 151 - Tailgating!!
One of my most favorite things about OSU Football is tailgating.  This was the Bedlam game.  And as much as it killed me that day...I am now at peace with the lose we had against OU.  I screamed my big heart out and almost lost my voice.  But I guess I didn't scream loud enough for my Cowboys to hear me.  It was a great game, even though I grew several grey hairs that night.
By the way...on the pictures, you'll see little random orange lights...that's because I can hold completely still for 1-2 seconds while holding the camera.

Day 150 - X
X is for X-tra's, Xtrodinary...

Day 149 - Family
Stephanie and Frank at a Thanksgiving.  I took pictures of everyone to send to Casey while he's in Afghanistan.  I just loved this one!

Day 148 - Nellie's Portrait
Isn't she just adorable?! Since I don't have my own kiddos, I take several pictures of my furkids.  My friend Tiffany is going to do a large painting for me of Nellie and Remi to put in my guestroom.

Day 147 - Remi's Portrait

Day 146 - M

Day 145 - R

I have 13 more pictures to post and I will be caught up 100%!  Hopefully I will get those up by tomorrow.  Happy Saturday! 
Only 6 more days till Christmas!!!

Not that anyone cares...but this is the first post I've not had ANY misspelled words!!!

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