Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Light Spectacular

Christmas Lights!!
My friend Alayna and I went out to Rhema Church to get some pictures of Christmas Lights.  Rhema does a spectacular job with their Christmas Light display.  They have Santa there, hot chocolate, snacks, even handwarmers for sell.  Along with the light display, they have Christmas music playing that you can here as you walk around.  I just love Christmas music!  So here are some pictures of what I got.  I post quiet a few, because you know I have 20 GB of space that I paid 5 bucks for, so I may have gotten outta control with all the pictures...but oh well, tis the season...Right?! 
I'll probably be posting some more of Paragon Industries in Sapulpla...drove by tonight and it was amazing!!!  You gotta get out there.  I'm gonna have to find some parking across the street somewhere so I can get out and trespass walk around to get some pics.

Also, some of the pictures here are more artistic than my usual pictures...stepping out of my shell a little and learned something new from Alayna.

 Isn't he cute...he was getting his picture taken, but looked at me instead.

 A heart that I turned black and white to go with all my letter pictures!

 These reminded me of the little birds I learned how to draw in like kindergarten...


These are some of my favorites coming up... 

 This is my favorite!

Well theres my Christmas Light Spectacular...Maybe there will be more if I get out again.  I'm so excited for Christmas to get here!

Thanks for stoppin by!

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