Thursday, December 16, 2010

YaHoo!! Project 365 is going again!!

Well, I paid the $5 to get some more space, so I can upload more pictures....I still haven't found anyone that has had this it still weirds me out and I'm a little peeved about it.  But oh well....Life is Good if that's the only thing I'm peeved about right?! 
So this has been a long time coming....almost two months worth of Project 365 pictures coming your way.  Here's the first set...

Day 144 - N
N is for nice and naughty, night-time stars...

Day 143 - Dirty Kitchen ------------> So I am a bit embarrassed by these next three pictures, but if you know me, then you know that I'm pretty messy...well this was just down right gross!
These two are from the kitchen.  Mike and I had both been REALLY busy and we didn't do ANY house cleaning for a few days.  So, this is the tornado in our kitchen.
 In black in white, it doesn't look as gross...right? :)

Day 142 - MOLD!!
Yes, this is also something that I'm embarrassed about....This is some crystal lite I had in the fridge for while.  Mike, being the clean freak he is, decided to clean out the refrigerator while I was gone.  So he just set the pitcher by the sink, not knowing for sure if I really wanted it thrown out (pre-mold).  Well I was lazy and never did anything with it and just let it set.  That's about the time when the tornado went through the can see the pitcher in the above photos too!  And so, we had a science experiment growing. 

Day 141 - I
I is for Ice Cream!!!  I love you's!!

Day 140 - G
G is for God, grace, google...

Day 139 - F

Day 138 - Expressions
I love Kira's Expression of EXCITEMENT as she opens a huge make-up kit for her birthday party.  And the other little girls...I see secret jealously...

Day 137 - Party!!
Kira's Birthday Party that is.  She was the Birthday Princess at her way fun Purple Glaze birthday party.  The other two goobers are her brother and step-brother.

Day 136 - Tunnel Vision
Out and about with Remi and she's such a sport to let me take so many random pictures of her.  Love this girl!

Day 135 - Tulsa Mansion
From our Pi Phi alumni meeting with Pioneer Woman.  This is Mayor Kathy Taylor's home in midtown Tulsa.  Absolutely beautiful!  And I love how the lighting made the crosses in the window.

Day 134 - P Dub!
Pioneer Woman!  Check her out here if you don't know who I'm talking about!  Gina and I getting a picture with Ree Drummond.

Day 133 - B
B is for boys, babies, bubble baths, baking

Day 132 - P
P is for pancakes, please, photography...

Okay, well I will post more soon.  I'm glad I have space again!  Hope you enjoyed!

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Jessica H said...

The Tulsa mansion photo is BEAUTIFUL!

I also always enjoy your letters. I'm so glad you were able to catch up with your 365. Although, I never knew you had to pay for more space... that is crazy!