Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

But it seems that Oklahoma doesn't get White Chirstmas's too often.  We did last year, but it was lots of ice too.  The weather here, is tricky, when you look out the window (with no trees around), you think, oh, it looks like it might be a nice day. Then, you step outside and the wind is just going 90, really about 30 but you'd think it was 90.  So it feels like winter, but there's no trace of winter around except the wind.  So I've really been wanting to see some beautiful snowy pictures so I can pretend that we can have winter weather in the winter time.  Thanks to a friend and fellow blogger Jess, she has posted some Beautiful Snowy Pictures from Minnesota.  And another blogger that Jess introduced me to when I first got my DSLR, The Rad Life, also has some great snowy pictures. She also lives in Minnesota.  So I sometimes live vicariously through fellow bloggers, oh well.  Until Oklahoma gets some pretty winter weather, I will keep looking for pretty snowy pictures. 

But, since there's no sign of snow here for a while or maybe even a few hours...because you REALLY never know with Oklahoma weather.  Honestly, you can have 60 degree weather and then it could snow a foot and a half and then rain, then ice and freeze, and then the next day its 60 again.  It really is crazy weather sometimes.  I am posting some of my snowy pictures from March 2010 in honor of winter.  This was shortly after I got my DSLR and dad and I went out and played around.

 And the biggest kid I know...Dad...shaking the snow off the tree!

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Jessica H said...

I absolutely LOVE the 2nd photo of the branch! You should frame that!