Thursday, December 30, 2010

Peace Out 2010!

So long 2010, Welcome 2011!!

Geez Louise!!  I really can not believe that 2010 is almost over and we will be starting 2011.  I still feel like I'm trying to plan for last years Halloween and Christmas festivities at work...I just really have no idea where the time went. 
2010 has been a great year, sure it had some ups and downs...but another year of being completely blessed by family and just can't go wrong with that.  Other friends have done a Recap/Year in Review and it sounds like fun...I guess it's kinda like those long Christmas Letters you get with Christmas Cards, only blogged about.  I just decided to do this just tonight, so I will probably forget so many things...but oh well!

So here's my 2010 Year in Review

Rang in the New Year in Dallas with friends from college

Even though it was a lose, got to go to the Cotton Bowl to see the OSU Cowboys play Mississippi

It was awesome to see the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium while we were there!

Casey left for Japan

Mike tricked me into getting HBO, free for 3 months...guess what we still have it and I threaten to cancel it, but I really like it too much!

I purchased my 'Big Girl' Camera!! Canon Rebel T1i with an 18-55mm lens

Got a new lens for my Camera 50mm 1.8

Welcomed a 5th generation cousin to the family!

Celebrated our 11 year anniversary of being together!  WOW! Over a decade...are we old or what!

We purchased a new Dell Laptop Computer

Supervised Therapeutic Recreation Intern Students

Created a new flower/shrub bed in the front of the house

Started a blog

So excited to find AMAZING, saved us over $200!!

Mike and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary

Started an Herb Garden

Mike goes to Vegas!

Started my Project 365---taking pictures everyday for a year...I've been mostly good with some cheats :)

Found Red Box...Love it!

Enjoyed more family at the Carpenter Family Reunion

Joanna and I celebrated birthdays at The Hunt Club

Went to the Balloon Festival

Got another new lens with birthday money 70-300mm IS USM!  I. LOVE. IT.

Learned how to capture Star-Trails

Went to Yankees/Royals Game in KC to celebrate our anniversary with Derek and Kacy.  Go Yanks!

Went to the Season Opener for OSU Football!! Go Pokes!

I become a 'psuedo' aunt to Jackson, my best friend from college, Julie's baby boy! 
Went to Borger Texas to meet him.

Road trip on Old Route 66

Saw a 'Full on Double Rainbow'!

Enjoyed some Kick-Ass Cowboy football this season!

Mike turns 30!!

I started swimming at 5:00 in the morning!  Only last a month and a half

Created Art Work with my pictures, gave as Christmas gifts (pictures to come)

Had my High School 10 Year Reunion

Casey leaves for Afghanistan

Went to a few weddings

Talked about having babies...that was all.  Talk is good though :)

Attempted the Gratitude Challenge

Was successful at having the kids at work complete a rendition of the Gratitude Challenge

Went to the Bedlam Game! 

Got to meet and take a picture with Ree Drummond, Pioneer Woman

Enjoyed Thanksgiving with family - Rick and Mel came for a week!

Got Licensed as  Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Mike winning big in Poker.

Went to meet another sweet baby boy, Breken

Had Rick and Mel stay with us for Christmas!

Hosted Christmas Brunch and Dinner at our house

Went to see OSU beat TU in basketball at the BOK Center

Found out my Best Friend Amy is PREGNANT, gonna be another 'psuedo' aunt!!  YIPPEE!

Got to talk to Casey on Christmas Day!

Going to celebrate the last day of 2010 at work and then headed to a friends house for some celebration sippee!

What will 2011 bring us?  Who knows, I guess the Good Lord does.  I am excited to see what He has in store for Mike and I in the new year.  Some things that may be on the list is going to LOTS of weddings, maybe a trip to Alaska to see Julie and Luke, getting the office in order so it actually looks like an office, Mike and I are starting P90X (anyone that's done it, we'd love some pointers), hopefully some more baby talk, maybe another puppy in the near future if there's no babies, I'll be 30, trying some new recipes, eating healthier, trying some new resturants, more photography, travel-maybe far maybe near...
So long 2010, it's been great.  Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year celebration!  Welcome 2011!!

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Kelly said...

Sounds like you had THE BEST of years in 2010!! Last year we did Power90 instead of P90X. Have you started it yet? We went with Power90 which is a more beginner level of workouts; we didn't want to burn out and get frustrated with something we weren't totally ready for. We loved Power90! If you've started P90X, best of luck!!

I want to go to Alaska!! Our friends lived there for 3 years and just NOW moved down to New Mexico. He loves it there and says that they'll eventually move back... and we'll soon follow for a visit. It just looks sooo beautiful-- and think of all the fun pictures you can take! ;-)